Bachelor of Actuarial Studies

  • Australian National University 1
  • Campus-based
  • Full Time
  • 144 Minimum Credit Hours
  • 3 years


A single three year undergraduate degree offered by the ANU College of Business and Economics

Admission Requirements:

At a minimum, all applicants must meet

  • program-specific academic/non-academic requirements, and
  • English language requirements.

Admission to most ANU programs is on a competitive basis. Therefore, meeting all admission requirements does not automatically guarantee entry.

Courses Units:

The Bachelor of Actuarial Studies requires completion of 144 units, of which:

A maximum of 60 units may come from completion of 1000-level courses

The 144 units must include:

72 units from completion of the following compulsory courses:

  • BUSN1001 Business Reporting and Analysis
  • ECON1101 Microeconomics 1
  • STAT1008 Quantitative Research Methods
  • STAT2013 Introductiory Mathematical Statistics for Actuarial Studies
  • STAT2005 Introduction to Stochastic Processes
  • STAT2014 Regression Modelling for Actuarial Studies
  • STAT2032 Financial Mathematics
  • STAT3032 Survival Models
  • STAT3057 Risk Modelling 1
  • STAT3058 Risk Modelling 2
  • STAT3037 Life Contingencies
  • STAT3038 Actuarial Techniques

6 units from completion of a course from the following list:

  • ECON1100 Economics 1 (H)
  • ECON1102 Macroeconomics 1

6 units from completion of a course from the following list:

  • ECON2102 Macroeconomics 2 (P)
  • ECON2016 Economics II (H)

6 units from completion of a course from the following list:

  • MATH1013 Mathematics and Application 1
  • MATH1115 Advanced Mathematics and Application 1
  • MATH1113 Mathematical Foundations for Actuarial Studies

6 units from the completion of courses on List 1 or List 4 of the


More Information:

The Bachelor of Actuarial Studies is offered through the Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies, and Applied Statistics. You will learn how to combine skills from mathematics, statistics, economics, and finance to assess, evaluate and manage future financial risk, thereby addressing a wide range of practical problems in long-term financial planning and management. Actuarial skills are utilized in many areas, including insurance, superannuation, investment, banking, and government.

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