ACER International Student Scholarship (AISS), 2014, Australia

ACER International Student Scholarship (AISS) 2014, Australia

AISS is a scholarship to help support an international student who  wishes to study for an undergraduate Business degree at an Australian  university. The scholarship is valued at AUD$50,000,  payable over two to three years. The scholarship money can be used to  cover tuition fees. The inaugural AISS will be awarded in February 2014,  for studies commencing that year.

Deadline: 01 Feb 2014


Let’s determine if you are eligible for AISS…

You are eligible to APPLY for the scholarship if:

  • You are an international student (that is, you are not an  Australian permanent resident or citizen, nor are you applying for  permanent residency or citizenship of Australia);
  • You are applying to enter the first year of a full  time undergraduate Business degree on-campus at an Australian  university, in Australia, not at an overseas campus. Such courses are  listed under the Business School links here:

You are eligible to be AWARDED the scholarship if:

  • You are the holder of a 573 Visa for studying in Australia
  • You have received an offer of a place in a first year  undergraduate Business degree at an Australian university for  commencement in 2014
  • You have received an excellent result in the selection test, ISAT

You are eligible to RECEIVE the scholarship in February 2014 if:

  • You’ve been awarded the scholarship, that is, achieved the best test result
  • You’re still an international student with the correct visa
  • You’ve enrolled in your first year undergraduate Business degree at an Australian university
  • You are not already in receipt of another scholarship

More details about eligibility are on the Terms and Conditions page of this website.

Click here to view details.

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  1. hello..!
    I’m trying to apply for a scholarship for Ms or Diploma in clinical psychology.
    Iv’e done my Masters in clinical psychology a year back.

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