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AKC Summer Scholarship at University of Copenhagen in Denmark, 2014

The August Krogh Centre is inviting applications for summer scholarship. In  2014, up to three scholarships of max. 50.000 will be awarded. Applicants are expected to be very talented and engaged in  an ambitious research project that support the publication of at least one  peer-reviewed scientific report. The scholarships can be used to finance  the salary primarily of graduated bachelors during the following summer period or candidates (pre-PhD) within the  first 4 month after achieving the  master’s degree. Applications will close on 15 May 2014.

Study Subject (s): Scholarship is provided in the field of  Metabolism and Molecular Physiology.

Course  Level: Scholarship is available to talented young scientists for  promising research projects.

Scholarship Provider: The August  Krogh Centre at University of Copenhagen

Scholarship can be taken  at: Denmark

Eligibility: Applicants are expected to be very talented and  engaged in an ambitious research project headed by a senior VIP with AKC  membership. It is a requirement, that the project is sufficient to support the  publication of at least one peer-reviewed scientific report. Also, the  involvement of the student has to be sufficient to qualify for a  co-authorship.

Scholarship Open for International Students: Students of  Denmark can apply for the scholarship.

Scholarship Description: AKC Summer Scholarships are aimed at  stimulating the active involvement of talented young scientists in promising  research projects. The scholarships can be used to finance the salary primarily  of graduated bachelors during the  following summer period or candidates (pre-PhD) within the first 4 month after achieving the master’s degree. The scholarships are not granted if this  postpones or prolongs the educational progress.

Number of award(s): Three scholarships  are awarded.

What does it cover? In 2014, up to 3 summer-scholarships  of max. 50.000 are granted.

Notification: Students granted an AKC Summer Scholarship are  announced on the AKC web, and contacted directly (including supervisors) within  4 weeks after the application deadline.

How to Apply: The mode of applying is online.

Scholarship Application Deadline: The AKC 2014 application  deadline is 15 May 2014.

Further Official Scholarship Information and Application