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University of Sydney International Scholarship

University of Sydney International Scholarship Overview

The University of Sydney, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, extends a warm invitation to exceptional international postgraduate students aspiring to pursue a master’s by research or a PhD. The prestigious University of Sydney International Scholarship, generously funded by the institution itself, has been established to empower and support high-caliber scholars in their educational journey.

Host Institution:

This distinguished scholarship is hosted by the esteemed University of Sydney, situated in the captivating landscapes of Australia.

Level and Fields of Study:

As part of its unwavering dedication to fostering cutting-edge research and innovation, the University offers this scholarship to candidates pursuing a master’s by research or a PhD degree across a myriad of disciplines available within the University’s academic spectrum.

Number of Awards:

The exact number of awards for this scholarship is not specified, signifying the University’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing excellence on a substantial scale.

Target Audience:

This opportunity is open to talented and ambitious international students who dream of expanding their academic horizons at the University of Sydney.

Scholarship Value, Inclusions, and Duration:

For the year 2023, the University of Sydney International Scholarship embodies a value of $37,207 per annum. This financial assistance extends beyond merely covering tuition fees; it also encompasses support for living costs, making the pursuit of education an enriched and holistic experience.

Global Learning Hub: University of Sydney

Nestled in the heart of Australia, the University of Sydney stands as a beacon of learning, attracting students from all corners of the world. As a host institution for this esteemed scholarship, the university offers a dynamic and inclusive community where international scholars can thrive academically and personally.

university of sydney
university of sydney

Eligibility Criteria:

The University seeks scholars who display remarkable potential and an exceptional track record in academic accomplishments and research prowess. To be considered for this prestigious scholarship, aspiring candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Commencing or currently enrolled as an international student.
  • Possess an outstanding record of academic achievements and a demonstrated potential for impactful research.
  • Hold an unconditional offer of admission or be already enrolled in a master’s by research or a PhD program at the University of Sydney.

Application Process:

For those embarking on their academic journey with the University, the application process for the University of Sydney International Scholarship is seamlessly integrated with the admission application for your chosen postgraduate research degree. No separate application is required specifically for the scholarship. This streamlined approach ensures that candidates are automatically considered for research scholarships during their admission process. As a testament to the University’s commitment to accessibility, applications are open throughout the year. For the research periods commencing in the first and second semesters of 2024, the application deadline for international students is set for September 15, 2023.

Embrace this unparalleled opportunity to become part of the vibrant intellectual community at the University of Sydney, where excellence is celebrated and nurtured through the University of Sydney International Scholarship. Your academic aspirations are just a step away from becoming a remarkable reality.

For more details and to initiate your application, please visit the official scholarship webpage using the link provided below. The official webpage contains comprehensive information about the scholarship, application forms, and the meticulous application process.

To Apply:

University of Sydney International Scholarship

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