Austria Job Seeker VISA 2024

Austria Job Seeker VISA 2024
Austria Job Seeker VISA 2024

Austria offers various work visa options under its Red-White-Red Card system to attract highly skilled professionals for their skill shortage professions. One of these is the Job Seeker Visa, designed for highly qualified international individuals to provide them the flexibility to enter Austria for employment search.

Because in 2024, Austria’s Job Seeker Visa program has seen minor updates to its points calculator, shortage occupation list, financial requirements, and application process. Therefore, this article will provide you updated detailed overview of the purpose, benefits, eligibility criteria, job sectors, costs, application process, and the conversion process of the Austrian Job Seeker Visa.

Purpose and Benefits of the Austrian Job Seeker Visa

Purpose: The primary aim of the Job Seeker Visa is to attract highly skilled professionals from non-EU countries to Austria, even if they haven’t secured a job offer yet. This visa allows individuals to enter Austria and search for employment for a specified period.


  • Job Search Opportunity: Holders can actively search for a job in Austria for six months.
  • Multiple Entries: The visa allows for multiple entries into Austria during its validity period.
  • Pathway to Red-White-Red Card: If a job is secured within the six-month period, the visa can be converted into a Red-White-Red Card, which is a work and residence permit.

Eligibility Criteria for This VISA

To qualify for the Job Seeker Visa, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Points-Based System: A minimum of 70 points is required based on age, qualifications, work experience, language skills, and adaptability.
  • Financial Means: Demonstrate sufficient funds to support oneself during the stay in Austria (currently €948.64 per month).
  • Health Insurance: Have valid health insurance coverage for the entire duration of stay.
  • Clean Criminal Record: Provide a certificate of good conduct from the home country.

Points Required for Austrian job seeker visa in 2024?

To apply for the Austrian Job Seeker Visa in 2024, you need to score a minimum of 70 points based on the following criteria:

1# Special Qualifications and Skills (Max 40 points):

  • University degree (minimum 4 years): 20 points
  • Degree in MINT subjects (mathematics, informatics, natural sciences, or technology): 30 points
  • PhD or post-doctoral qualification: 40 points
  • High salary in a senior management position: 20-30 points
  • Research/innovation activities (patents, publications): 20 points
  • Awards (recognized prizes): 20 points

2# Work Experience (Max 20 points):

  • Work experience per year: 2 points
  • Six months work experience in Austria: 10 points

3# Language Skills (Max 10 points):

  • Basic German or English (A1 level): 5 points
  • Intensified basic German or English (A2 level): 10 points
  • Independent use of French, Spanish, Bosnian, Croatian, or Serbian (B1 level): 5 points

4# Age (Max 20 points):

  • Up to 35 years old: 20 points
  • Up to 40 years old: 15 points
  • Up to 45 years old: 10 points

5# Studies in Austria (Max 10 points):

  • Half of diploma program or half of ECTS points: 5 points
  • Completed diploma program or Bachelor’s/Master’s degree: 10 points

You can calculate your points here:

Job Occupations Allowed Under Austrian Job Seeker VISA

While on a Job Seeker Visa, individuals can apply for skill shortage list jobs (Reference) that align with their qualifications and skills and the job must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Red-White-Red Card:

    • Shortage Occupations: Ideally, the job should be listed as a shortage occupation in Austria. The list is available on the official AMS website.
    • Minimum Salary: The job should offer a salary that meets the specified threshold for the qualification level.
    • Relevant Qualifications: The job must match the applicant’s qualifications and experience.
    • Employment Contract: A valid employment contract with an Austrian employer is required.

Costs Involved: The costs associated with the Job Seeker Visa of Austria are:

    • Application Fee: €150
    • Additional Fees: May apply for document translations and certifications.

How Can You Apply for Job Seeker VISA for Austria in 2024?

The application process for the Job Seeker Visa involves the following steps:

    1. Prepare Documents: Gather all required documents, including proof of qualifications, work experience, language proficiency, financial means, and health insurance.
    2. Submit Application:
    3. Processing Time: The processing time can take up to three months.
    4. Approval: If approved, the applicant will receive a Job Seeker Visa (type D) valid for six months.

Conversion of Job Seeker Visa to Red-White-Red Card Work VISA

After securing a job, it is mandatory to convert the Job Seeker Visa into a Red-White-Red Card (Reference) to legally work and reside in Austria and this conversion process includes:

  1. Submit Application: Submit the application to the responsible immigration authority (MA 35) as soon as a job is secured here
  2. Required Documents: Include a valid employment contract, proof of qualifications, proof of financial means, and health insurance coverage.
  3. Processing Time: The processing time for the Red-White-Red Card varies, so timely application is crucial.

The Austrian Job Seeker Visa provides a unique opportunity for highly qualified professionals to explore career opportunities in Austria. By meeting the eligibility criteria and following the application process, individuals can leverage this visa to potentially secure a job and transition to a long-term work and residence permit under the Red-White-Red Card system.

Written by Team Educads

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