Butex Sustainability Abroad Scholarships 2024

Butex Sustainability Abroad Scholarships 2024
Butex Sustainability Abroad Scholarships 2024

Butex Sustainability Abroad Scholarships 2024: An Opportunity for Eco-Friendly Global Learning

Are you an undergraduate student dreaming of studying abroad? The Butex Sustainability Abroad Scholarships 2024 could be your gateway to an unforgettable international experience. Each year, Butex (British Universities Transnational Exchange) awards scholarships to students participating in semester or year-long study abroad programs, summer schools, overseas work placements, internships, or traineeships. If you’re eager to expand your horizons and experience new cultures while promoting sustainability, this scholarship might be perfect for you.

New Sustainability Abroad Scholarship

This year, Butex introduces the Sustainability Abroad Scholarship, an initiative combining the goals of sustainability with global education. This scholarship emphasizes the importance of sustainable travel and cultural exchange. It aims to support students who incorporate sustainability into their study abroad experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of global environmental challenges and encouraging the exchange of innovative ideas. The goal is to build a global network of individuals dedicated to a sustainable future.

Scholarship Details

The Butex Sustainability Abroad Scholarships 2024 offer financial support to students committed to sustainability. Each scholarship is worth £500, paid to the winners upon their arrival and registration at their host university or after confirmation of placement completion. Additionally, the Tony Emmerson Award, named in honor of the late Treasurer, offers an additional £500 to a successful American Studies student.

These scholarships are designed to ease the financial burden of studying abroad, allowing students to focus on their studies and sustainability efforts. Whether you are working on a research project, participating in a community-based sustainability initiative, or adopting eco-friendly practices during your travels, this scholarship supports your goals.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Butex Sustainability Abroad Scholarship, you must:

  • Be an undergraduate student affiliated with a Butex Full Member institution.
  • Have been offered, currently undertaking, or already completed a study abroad, exchange placement, summer school, work, internship, or traineeship placement.
  • Ensure your placement occurs within the calendar year you apply.
  • Be enrolled in your undergraduate course during the application period and at the time of receiving the scholarship.

This broad eligibility ensures that students from various academic disciplines can apply. Whether you are studying environmental science, engineering, arts, or humanities, your commitment to sustainability is key.

Application Process

The application window for 2024 is open until July 10, 2024. To apply, students must answer the following question: “Share your thoughts on travel and sustainability. Describe the measures you intend to or have taken to promote eco-friendly travel, align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and contribute to a cleaner environment during your study abroad placement.”

Applicants can choose how they wish to present their answer, whether through an essay, video, or creative project. This flexibility allows students to showcase their creativity and passion for sustainability in a format that best represents their vision. Applications should highlight specific actions and strategies to promote sustainable practices during their international experience.

Applications can be submitted through the Butex website at It is essential to provide a compelling, thoughtful, and original response that demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and your ability to make a positive impact.


The Butex Sustainability Abroad Scholarships 2024 present a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to combine their academic pursuits with a commitment to sustainability. By supporting eco-conscious students, Butex aims to foster a generation of leaders equipped to tackle global environmental challenges. If you are passionate about sustainable travel and cultural exchange, this scholarship can help turn your study abroad dreams into reality while making a significant contribution to a sustainable future.

For more information and to apply, visit Don’t miss the chance to be part of this transformative initiative and make a lasting impact on the world.

Written by Team Educads

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