BYU Undergraduate Scholarships, International Students, USA, 2014

Brigham Young University offers undergraduate scholarships for new freshmen,  former and continuing undergraduate degree-seeking students and Transfer  studentsInternational students are eligible to apply for  academic scholarships after completing one full enrollment (12 credits) at  BYU. Transfer students can apply for  academic scholarships as Continuing students after having completed at least one  full enrollment (12 credit hours). The Financial Aid  Office limits assistance to eight semesters of fall/winter scholarship per  student. The application deadline is October 1, 2013.

Study Subject(s): Scholarships  are provided to learn any of the courses offered by the Brigham Young  University. Course Level: Scholarships are  available for pursuing undergraduate degree level at Brigham  Young University. Scholarship Provider: Brigham Young  University Scholarship can be taken at: USA

Eligibility: New Freshmen: Prospective new  freshmen are eligible to apply for undergraduate scholarships beginning with the  term/semester they are admitted. Please note scholarship deadlines listed below.  Freshmen must submit all admissions materials to the Admissions Office by the  scholarship deadline in order to be considered for scholarships. -Former and  Continuing Students: Former and continuing undergraduate degree-seeking  students are eligible to apply for undergraduate scholarships. Former students  receive consideration as continuing students. -Transfer  Students: Transfer students are not eligible for academic scholarships upon  initial entrance at BYU.  Transfer students can apply for academic  scholarships as Continuing students after having completed at least one full  enrollment (12 credit hours) at BYU by the appropriate March 1 application  deadline. -International Students: International students are eligible  to apply for academic scholarships after completing one full enrollment (12  credits) at BYU. The deadline to submit the continuing student scholarship  application is March 1. Scholarships are awarded annually.

Scholarship Open for International  Students: International and US students can apply for  these scholarships.

Scholarship Description: Brigham Young University  offers scholarships to select students, who have demonstrated a serious and  diligent commitment to academic excellence, as an investment in their education.  Scholarships funds are provided  through tithes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and offerings  of generous friends of the university. They are given to encourage continued  commitment to spiritual and intellectual growth. The gift of a scholarship  assumes an obligation on the part of the recipient to use that investment wisely  to prepare for expanded and purposeful service in the Lord’s kingdom.

Number of award(s): Brigham Young  University anticipates awarding approximately one-fourth of the new incoming  freshmen students an academic scholarship. 

Duration of award(s): The Financial  Aid Office limits assistance to eight semesters of fall/winter scholarship per  student. Spring/summer scholarships do not count against the eight semesters of  eligibility. Thus, after receiving eight semesters of fall/winter scholarship,  you may still be eligible for spring/summer awards.

What does it cover? Most scholarships are either  full LDS tuition or half LDS tuition. Students will receive only one scholarship  from the Financial Aid Office. If you qualify for more than one scholarship, you  will receive the award with the highest monetary value. You are welcome to  receive additional scholarships from your department or other organizations.

Selection Criteria: The scholarships will be awarded  on academic basis.

Notification: Notification is sent to all applicants  on Mid-November whether they are awarded a scholarship or not.  Notification will be sent electronically through your Message Center.

How to Apply: The mode of applying is  online.

Scholarship Application  Deadline: The application deadline is October 1,  2013.

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  1. i am student of BE MECHANICAL and in progress of completion of 6th semester from QUEST UNIVERSITY NAWABSHAH,SINDH PAKISTAN. I want scholarship in 2014 section for 7th semester.

  2. i am the student of Microbiology BS hons in 7th semester and free in 2014 so i want scholarship in related to my field thanks

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