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Cancer Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellowships

Pioneering Postdoctoral Fellowships in Immunology and Cancer Research

Cancer Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship Overview

For international students, CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship is a fully supported grant. Offering postdoctoral research studies is this scholarship. This grant offers up to $59,000 annually plus a $1,500 stipend to assist with covering the costs of the fellow’s research supplies, travel to conferences, and/or health insurance.

The CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme supports talented young researchers seeking training in fundamental immunology or immunology for cancer at top universities and research institutes around the world.

Young, talented researchers are encouraged to pursue postdoctoral fellowships at the top universities and relocation facilities around the globe so they can learn the principles of immunology and cancer immunology.

The science consultative board’s committee will assess each applicant. The research that directly impacts the immunology of cancer is what CRI is most interested in.

Cancer Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellowships
Cancer Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellowships

Scholarship Overview

  • Study Level: Postdoctoral
  • Institution: Cancer Research Institute (CRI)
  • Location: Fellowship can be pursued in the United States or abroad, but it must be hosted by a non-profit institution.
  • Focus Areas: Applicants should be engaged in research directly related to immunology or cancer immunology.
  • Deadlines: September 1, March 1 (Annual)

Scholarship Benefits

The CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship Program offers generous benefits to its recipients:

  • Year 1: $55,000 stipend
  • Year 2: $57,000 stipend
  • Year 3: $59,000 stipend

Additionally, the host institution receives an annual allowance of $1,500, which can be used at the sponsor’s discretion to support the fellow’s research supplies, attendance at scientific conferences, or health insurance.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Language Requirement: Proficiency in English.
  • Eligible Countries: Open to applicants from all countries.
  • Research Focus: Applicants must be engaged in research directly related to immunology or cancer immunology, with projects addressing cancer-related challenges within the field of immunology.
  • Educational Qualification: Applicants should possess a doctoral degree at the time of award activation and conduct their research under the guidance of a sponsor holding a formal appointment at the host institution.
  • Postdoctoral Experience: Candidates with more than 5 years of relevant postdoctoral experience are ineligible, except for M.D. applicants, who should not include years of residency in this calculation.
  • Laboratory Duration: Applicants who have spent 3 or more years in a sponsor’s laboratory by the fellowship’s start date will only be considered under exceptional circumstances.
  • Location: The fellowship can be undertaken in the United States or abroad but must be based at a non-profit institution. There are no citizenship restrictions.
  • Sponsor Limitations: Only one fellow per sponsor may apply per application round, and faculty sponsors may not have more than three CRI-supported fellows simultaneously.

Application Process

To apply for the CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the PDF application form, ensuring all required signatures are obtained, including those from the Internal Review Board (IRB) or certifying officer, the institution’s administrative officer, and the financial officer.
  2. Scan the completed form as a PDF and upload it along with other supporting materials when filling out the online application form.
  3. In the final section of the application, upload the following supporting documents in a single PDF document:
    • Completed PDF application form, including all required signatures.
    • Brief overview of the applicant’s background and research achievements.
    • List of other funding sources with application deadlines.
    • Curriculum vitae and bibliography.
    • A concise research project summary (up to 6 pages).
    • Abstract of research in non-technical English explaining its significance.
    • Letter from the sponsor introducing the applicant and describing their qualifications.
    • Sponsor’s curriculum vitae, bibliography, and current research support.
    • Two letters of recommendation (one from the thesis adviser and one from another qualified individual).

Ensure all files are combined into one document and named following the specified format (e.g., “Brown, John.pdf”). In case of upload issues, email attachments to [email protected].

Explore this opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research in immunology and cancer treatment.

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