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Coca-Cola Company, Domus Academy Business Design, Master’s Scholarships, Italy, 2013/14

Domus Academy and the Coca-Cola Company is offering ‘Entrepreneurship Through  Design’ scholarship competition for Master in Business Design in  Italy. The project consists of an analysis of the innovative content of the new  company, product, or brand in line to the Business Design and “Entrepreneurship  through Design” spirit. Students must have a first-level academic diploma or BA  degree or about to graduate in 2012/13 academic year. English proficiency test  is required. Successful student is notified by e-mail  on September 20, 2013 . Three international  masters scholarships of 70% , 50% and 30% of the total tuition fee  of the Master Program are offered as prizes. Students can apply  electronically or by post..

Study Subject(s): The scholarship is awarded in Business  Design at Domus Academy in Italy. Course Level: This  scholarship is for pursuing Masters Degree level at Domus Academy in  Italy. Scholarship Provider: Domus Academy and The Coca-Cola  Company Scholarship can be taken at: Italy

Eligibility: -Candidates holding a first-level academic  diploma or BA degree, or about to graduate within the academic year 2012/13 and  with a knowledge of the English language (IELT S 5.0 academic or equivalent  certificate minimum). -The competition addresses fresh graduates and young  professionals coming from design and creativity related faculties, economic and  human sciences, which wish to learn how to combine creativity, business and  entrepreneurial mindset through a multidisciplinary approach.

Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries:  International students are eligible for this master’s scholarship.

Scholarship Description: In a world where companies and  institutions are constantly looking for innovation, young entrepreneurs with  original ideas and design skills can become the key elements for the future of  entrepreneurship. The goal of the contest is to monitor entrepreneurship  experimental able to develop business projects that incorporate within them  components of design and innovation, in order to make a change in the  production, marketing, communication and distribution and allow companies to  address the current changes and future changes in the world of work.

Number of awards offered: Three scholarships are offered at  Domus Academy.

Duration of award(s): Scholarships are awarded on  total tuition fee of Master Program

What does it cover? • A scholarship to cover 70% of the  value of the entry fee to the Master. • A scholarship to cover 50% of the  value of the entry fee to the Master. • A scholarship to cover 30% of the  value of registration fee for the Master.

Selection Criteria: Not Known

Notification: Applicants will be notified of the  results by e-mail on September 20, 2013.

How to Apply: Projects in digital format must be sent  by e-mail to Paper works must be  sent by post. Participants can choose the presentation technique that  better express their skills (they can use hand sketches, digital illustrations,  3D renderings, etc): maximum 5 A3 boards in .PDF or .TIFF files. -Short  written description of the project: maximum 1 A4 page. -Curriculum vitae of  the participant: maximum 1 A4 page -Statement of purpose: maximum 5 lines on  an A4 page. – Domus Academy Application Form The candidates are asked to  send their materials in one sole file in PDF format. Any further attached  material will be considered a plus and will be evaluated by the jury.   Application fee is waived for competition participants.

Scholarship Application Deadline: The deadline for  applications is 30th August 2013.

Further  Official Scholarship Information and Application