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Commercial Attachés of Pakistan: Posting and Selection

Commercial Attachés of Pakistan: Posting and Selection

Performance of Commercial Attaches varies from person to person depending upon his/her competency and integrity level and from country to country depending upon the trade ties, complexities of relations and business environment. 

Their selection is not restricted to Commerce and Trade Group only rather a mixed strategy is applied for the selection of Trade Officers/Commercial Attaches. 
Officers from Commerce & Trade, PAS, Customs, IRS, PAAS, OMG, Secretariat Group, Planner and Economist Group, Private Sector can be selected for commercial Attaché position.

Selection Procedure:

1) Written Test: To be conducted by LUMS

Model Paper:…Paper_Lums.pdf

2) Final Interview: To be Conducted by Selection Board comprising key secretaries of relevant ministries, Chief TDAP, and Commerce Minister.

Quota: Quota to be maintained for Commerce and Trade Officers, and rest of the seats to be allocated in above mentioned civil servant groups and private sector.

Commercial Secretary
Commercial Counselor
Consul General
Trade Minister/Economic Minister

Tenor: 1-3 years extendable based on your performance

Eligibility: Minimum 3 years experience and BPS-18 officer if he is from the above mentioned groups. 
Age: Minimum 21 years Maximum 45 years.…e_Officers.pdf…d_05092012.PDF…icers_2011.PDF

Their Role and Function include:


1. The role of Pakistani Trade Officer stationed abroad is to increase the foreign exchange earning of Pakistan through promoting and facilitating the expansion of Pakistan’s visible and invisible exports to the territory to which he is assigned. His principal responsibilities are therefore:
To enhance Pakistan’s reputation as reliable trading partner
To develop favorable commercial relation between trading enterprises in Pakistan and his post territory
To ensure that relevant Government bodies, commercial organization and the Pakistani export community have up-to-date knowledge of trading conditions and export prospects and opportunities in his territory.

2. Through fulfillment of this role, the Trade officer will not only contribute to his Government’s economic and trade related objectives, but also assist in the strengthening of Pakistan’s general bilateral relations with the countries of his Post territory.

II. Functions

3. To perform this role effectively, the trade officer will be expected to:
Seek out and create opportunities for Pakistan’s exportable goods and service and to ensure that concerned parties in Pakistan are quickly informed of the opportunities identified;
Assist Pakistan exporters to exploit these opportunities fully through the provision of advice and support to specific export initiatives;
To contribute, through a systemic reporting programme, to the evolution of Pakistan’s trade policy and export strategy.
4. Particular duties relating to the above functions which the Trade Officer will be expected to perform include: 
To collection and interpretation of economic, commercial and trade information relevant to trade policy and export strategy and the dissemination of such information to appropriate organization and enterprises in Pakistan;
The processing of trade inquiries originating in the both Pakistan and post territory and the provision of assistance to the private sector, and to semi-government export enterprises in Pakistan, in establishing contacts in the post territory in appointing local agents/representative and in following up export opportunities and prospect;
The organization of a suitable publicity programme to support Pakistan’s export drive and the provision of advice and assistance in Pakistan participation in fairs and exhibitions;
Through representational activities, the maintenance of cordial relations with government official and members of business community of the post territory;
The provision assistance in the settlement of trade dispute;
The provision of assistance in the procurement of imported supplies.
5. In addition, the Trade Officer should seek to attract foreign investment into Pakistan, to encourage Pakistan’s participation in major project abroad, and to simulate tourist interest in Pakistan:
6. Form time to time, the Trade officer may also be required to: • Negotiate and sign sales and purchase contracts on behalf of Government and Semi-government agencies; • Participate in bilateral and multilateral meeting convened in the post territory; • Provide assistance on the securing and implementation of economic assistance programme.
7. In certain posts, the Trade Officer may, in addition, be responsible for servicing Pakistani residents in post territory with respect to provisions for imports into Pakistan against their foreign exchange earning under the Gift Scheme and the Baggage Scheme. For this activity he should be guided by instructions issued by the FBR, as amended from time to time.

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