CSS 2014 Important Topics Public Administration

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CSS 2014 Important Topics Public Administration 

List of most important topics of Public Administration paper in css examination for 2014. Public administration important topics for 2014 css papers.Must prepaper these topics before appearing in examination.


Planning Machinery of Pakistan

  • What is planning?
  • Disadvantages of planning called potential disadvantages
  • Relationship among the six steps in the planning process
  • Project planning in the government of Pakistan and how does it extend to the provinces and local governments
  • Planning Machinery in Pakistan.

Public Administration, its Nature and Scope

  • Public administration refers to the implementation of public policy. Discuss
  • Define Public Amin
  • Explain and justify your definition in comparison with various other competing definitions of Public Admin
  • Public Administration v/s Business Administration
  • Short essay on the intellectual history of Public Administration
  • “PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION is nothing less than the whole government in action”. Discuss nature of public administration
  • General problems comprising the elements of public administration


  • Role of social media in implementing public accountability in the developing societies
  • Accountability and Control essential aspects of Public Administration. Discuss
  • Suggest means for strengthening the system of administrative accountability in Pakistan.
  • Salient features of National Accountability Strategy as prepared by the NAB


  • Transactional and transformational leadership styles are suggested for political leader. Which one is better for Pakistan and why
  • Styles of leadership
  • What style of leader you prefer and why?


  • Difference between power and authority
  • Role of power in the control process


  • What is Bureaucracy?
  • Critically examine the Weberian model of bureaucracy.
  • Do you think its characteristics are still relevant to changing Public Administration?
  • Max Weber’s concept of “ideal type of bureaucracy”.
  • How does it differ from the existing public bureaucracy in Pakistan?
  • Evaluate Taylor’s scientific management & Weber’s ideal bureaucracy & discuss
  • Bureaucracy and Democracy are antithetical. Discuss
  • Bureaucracy as an agent of change but why it’s lacking in this respect in Pakistan

Management Theories

  • Compare and contrast Taylor’s Management and Human Relations
  • ‘New Public Management’ different mechanisms used in pursuing NPM goals in Pakistan
  • Analyze McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y.
  • Explain the concept of motivation giving reference to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory
  • Compare & Contrast the Bureaucratic model with new public management (NPM).
  • Discuss human relation movement with particular emphasis on the Hawthorne studies
  • Explain the principle of scientific management


  • Performance budgeting, its merits, limitations and difficulties.
  • Explain the government’s budgetary system. Is it an inherently political process?

Good Governance

  • Explain the concept of Good Governance.
  • How can good governance ensure efficient and effective public service delivery at the grass roots level in Pakistan?
  • The role of public admin in good governance particularly with reference to Pak?

Local Governments

  • new administrative setup under Local Government Ordinance 2001.How far it affected the efficiency of Bureaucracy
  • Devolution Programme. Highlight its strength and weaknesses.


  • What is the importance of Public Private Partnership in Effective Governance?
  • Discuss the concept of Public Private Partnership with example from Pakistan.
  • How and why governments implement public programmes by hiring the private sector to do work for them.

Public Personnel Management in Pakistan.

  • Recruitment and training process of Central and Provincial Service
  • The CSP officers were accused of harboring a colonial mentality, of being little more “Brown Englishmen’s in the conduct of duties .Do you agree?
  • The excessive zeal for scientific management which arose as a corollary to the merit system has produced adverse effect on administration but civil service has become synonymous to merit system. Describe briefly the merit system and its advantages.


  • Communication issues of the Citizen-Government relationship in Pakistan
  • interference of HALLO EFFECT and STEREOTYPING in the recruitment of knowledge workers
  • Parliamentary oversight of the executive is an important aspect of any democratic system. How is this role being exercised by the Parliament in Pakistan? What recommendations would you suggest for making this role more effective?
  • Human Resource Management (HRM) is a contemporary approach to managing people in business org. What are the salient features of HRM model? Do you think this model is being applied to reform personnel system in Pak?
  • Discuss the functions and organizational structure of federal govt of Pak including administrative relations between federal ministries and federal bodies such as commissions, authorities, boards & state-owned enterprises
  • “Work is accomplished by the employees who have not yet reached their level of incompetence.” Explain in the light of structure and operation of hierarchies in government.

Short Notes

  • Ecology of Bureaucracy
  • Ombudsman
  • E-government in Pakistan
  • Judicial Remedy
  • Management by Objectives (MBO)
  • Problems of co-ordination in public administration in Pakistan.
  • The organization of Federal and Provincial government in Pakistan
  • Administrative Law

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