Darmasiswa Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students 2013-14 Indonesia

Scholarships imparted by: Indonesian Government

Scholarships are meant for: Bangladeshi students

The applicable subject areas:  All fields of HSC, Bachelors, Masters and PhD

The scholarship for Bangladeshi students talked about here has been provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Indonesian Government.

DARMASISWA, a scheme first brought in action in 1974, happens to be a scholarship scheme to which the students from any nation around the globe to which Indonesia has any sort of diplomatic affairs are eligible. With a major view of improving the ethnic and comprehensive bonds with the people of Bangladesh and to boost the attraction of the culture, arts and language of Indonesia, DARMASISWA Scholarship Program has hereby been announced in different fields and faculties for the Bangladeshi students.

Indonesian Darmasiswa Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students 2013-14

Any applicant under 35 years of age,

  1. With a certified fine health and physical conditions
  2. Who has finished his/her secondary education or equivalent
  3. With a plain acquaintance regarding the field of study that he/she opts for
  4. Who has command over communication skills in English and Indonesian language

Will be considered qualified for the scholarship scheme.


On selection the students will be provided with following amounts in the sectors mentioned below:

  1. Rp. 1,200  Accommodation charge
  2. Rp. 200 Grants on Books
  3. Rp. 200 Transport fare
  4. Rp. 200 Medical and medicinal cost
  5. Rp. 200Pocket money

Interested students will have to fill a form available on the link here.

Any student looking to apply for the DARMASISWA scholarship program will have to submit the application along with all the necessary documents to the IE/CG by the 15th of July, 2013.

For further details and terms and conditions, click here – Darmasiswa Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students 2013-14 Indonesia

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