Discover 2025 Oxford Clarendon Scholarships in UK

Oxford Clarendon Scholarship 2025
Oxford Clarendon Scholarship 2025

The Oxford Clarendon Scholarships 2024 in the UK offer an exceptional opportunity for academically outstanding students from around the world. This fully funded scholarship allows extraordinary students to study at Oxford for free. It is designed for talented individuals who might otherwise be unable to attend one of the world’s most prestigious institutions. The international scholarship supports the university’s mission to attract the brightest minds to its Oxford community.

The Oxford Clarendon Scholarship for international students, established in 2001 and funded by Oxford University Press, supports the university’s commitment to research and education excellence. Each year, 200 scholarships are awarded, providing a life-changing opportunity for students worldwide and promoting Oxford’s mission of academic excellence.

Oxford Clarendon Scholarship 2025

Prestigious Study and Cultural Enrichment

Studying at the UK’s top university is prestigious and boosts student confidence. The Clarendon Scholarship Program 2025 offers an exceptional platform for building lasting social, academic, and professional connections. Scholars gain cultural insights and academic excellence through diverse events, including lectures, symposia, and cultural outings to theaters and historic sites across the UK.

 Scholarship Benefits

  • Tuition Coverage: The scholarship covers tuition fees for both master’s and DPhil programs.
  • Living Expenses: Annual grants are provided to cover living expenses.
  • Clarendon Scholar’s Association: Scholars will join the prestigious Clarendon Scholar’s Association.
  • Cultural and Academic Access: Scholars gain access to symposia, cultural sites like theaters, and historic places.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to All Nationalities: Students of any nationality, race, ethnicity, or gender can apply.
  • No Subject Restrictions: This scholarship is available for all academic disciplines.
  • Admission Requirement: Applicants must secure admission to Oxford University for a graduate degree (master’s or DPhil).
  • Eligibility for Current Students: Students currently pursuing a master’s at Oxford and wishing to study another part-time master’s or DPhil can apply.
  • Course Exclusions: Post-graduate courses and diploma courses are not eligible for this scholarship.
  • Academic Potential: Preference is given to students with strong academic potential and reasons for continuing their selected courses.
  • Program Selection: Candidates should choose a program that matches their interests.
  • Application Process: Interested candidates must first apply for admission to a master’s or doctoral program at Oxford. Once admitted, applicants are automatically considered for the scholarship.

How to Apply

  • No Separate Application: There is no separate procedure to apply for the Clarendon Scholarship.
  • Apply for Graduate Courses: Applicants must apply for graduate courses at Oxford University between December and January.
  • Automatic Consideration: If eligibility requirements are met, the college or institute will automatically forward the applicant’s name for the scholarship.
  • Notification and Offer: Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the Clarendon Fund via email with an offer.
  • Acceptance: Applicants must accept the offer letter.
  • Fulfill Contract Requirements: Candidates must fulfill all contract requirements of their selected college.
  • Deferred Funding Offers: If you defer your funding offer once, you will not be contacted for any future funding offers by Oxford.

Application Deadline

All applicants may apply according to the course by the relevant December or January deadline.

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