Fernand Braudel Senior Fellowships, Italy

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Fernand Braudel Senior Fellowships, Italy

Fernand Braudel Senior Fellowships provide a  framework for established academics with an international reputation to  pursue their research at the EUI. Fellowships last for up to ten  months in one  of the EUI’s four Departments which in turn invite fellows to  participate in departmental activities (seminars, workshops, colloquia,  etc.).

Deadline: 30 March & 30 September each year

Fellows are encouraged to make contact with  researchers sharing their academic interests, may be involved in the  teaching and thesis supervision tasks of EUI professors, and associated  with one of the research projects being carried out at the EUI.

There are two annual deadlines for applications – 30 March and/or 30 September

  • the Department of Law and the Department of History and Civilization consider applications only for the 30 March deadline
  • the Department of Political and Social Sciences considers applications only for the 30 September deadline. The next deadline 30 September 2013 is for applications in the calendar year 2015.
  • the Department of Economics considers applications for the 30 March and the 30 September deadline

Conditions of Award


The fellowships are open to established  academics with an international reputation. Former professors or fellows  of the EUI are eligible after three years have elapsed since their last  contract with the EUI.


Candidates of all nationalities are eligible.


Fellows should have a good knowledge of  English and of any other language relevant to their proposed research.


The fellowship lasts 3-10 months. Candidates  must indicate their intended length of stay in the application but the hosting department may propose a different and/or shorter period to successful candidates subject to available funding. Fellowships are not normally awarded for the months of July and August.


Fellows must live in Florence for the duration  of the fellowship so that they can take an active part in the academic  activities of their Department.


The monthly stipend is € 3,000. The amount of  the grant for successful applicants whose normal place of residence is  within 90 km of Florence will be fixed at a lower rate.


Fellowships are not taxed by the EUI, but  fellows are required to comply with any other tax provisions which  may apply to them.

Medical insurance

Fellows must have adequate medical insurance  cover during their stay at the Institute. Fellows can either provide  proof of their own insurance scheme or subscribe to the EUI’s Van Breda Insurance Scheme at their own expense.

Travel expenses

There is no provision for travel expenses.

Removal/installation expenses

There is no provision for removal or installation expenses.

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