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DAAD Scholarships in Germany 2024: Your Guide to Development-Related Amazing Postgraduate Courses

Stay ahead in your academic journey with DAAD Scholarships for Development-Related Postgraduate Courses in Germany!


Are you a passionate graduate from a development or newly industrialized country? Are you looking to pursue a postgraduate or Master’s degree at a reputable German university? The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is here to turn your dreams into reality.The DAAD scholarships in Germany offer outstanding opportunities for students like you to obtain a university qualification in Germany while specializing in various fields of study.

This comprehensive guideline will provide you with in-depth insights into the scholarship benefits, eligibility criteria, application procedure, and more.

DAAD Scholarships in Germany
DAAD Scholarships in Germany

Benefits of DAAD Scholarships in Germany

When you secure a DAAD scholarship in Germany for development-related postgraduate courses, you’re opening doors to a range of incredible benefits:

  • Monthly stipends of 861 euros for graduates or 1,200 euros for doctoral candidates.
  • Coverage for health, accident, and personal liability insurance.
  • Travel allowance to facilitate your journey to Germany.
  • Opportunity to study at a state or state-recognized German university.
  • Exceptional networking and learning experiences in diverse fields.

Eligibility Criteria of DAAD Scholarships in Germany

DAAD scholarships in Germany are aimed at students from eligible countries who fulfill certain criteria:

  • Currently employed by a public authority, state, or private company in a developing country, engaged in developmental projects.
  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree in a related subject (typically four years).
  • Demonstrate outstanding academic performance (upper third) and have at least two years of relevant professional experience after completing the first degree.
  • Academic degrees should not be more than six years old.
  • For courses in German: A minimum German language level of B1 at the time of application, proven by a certificate (includes a 6-month German language course).
  • For courses in English: Provide proof of adequate language skills based on course requirements.

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Requirements for DAAD Scholarship

To apply for the DAAD scholarships in Germany, you’ll need to meet specific requirements:

  • Relevant academic degrees and transcripts.
  • Professional experience certificates.
  • Language proficiency certificates (German or English, depending on the course language).
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) detailing your educational and professional background.
  • Statement of purpose (SOP) explaining your career goals and how the scholarship will aid your development.
  • Letters of recommendation from academic and professional contacts.
  • Any additional documents specified by the chosen course.

Nationalities Eligible

Students from development and newly industrialized countries are eligible to apply for the DAAD scholarships in Germany.

Application Procedure for DAAD Scholarships in Germany

The application process for DAAD scholarships in Germany is streamlined yet thorough:

  • Apply directly to the respective postgraduate course of your choice.
  • Visit the course website for specific application guidelines, deadlines, and required documents.
  • Ensure timely submission of your application, usually between August and October 2023.
  • Read FAQs and the 2024/2025 brochure for comprehensive information.
  • Access the official website at Official Scholarship Website for the application form and detailed instructions.


The DAAD Scholarships in Germany for Development-Related Postgraduate Courses are a golden opportunity for passionate graduates to enhance their qualifications and gain exposure to various disciplines. This guideline has provided a thorough understanding of the scholarship’s benefits, eligibility criteria, requirements, and application procedure. Seize this chance to embark on a transformative academic journey in Germany and contribute to the development of your home country.