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The Mustard Seed Foundation is offering Harvey fellowship for  international students to pursue a graduate program (master and  doctoral) at premier universities anywhere in the world. As these  fellowships support Christian students, to be eligible for these fellowship  applicants must demonstrate personal faith in Jesus Christ and desire to  serve and witness in his name. Each individual selected for the Harvey  Fellowship is awarded an initial stipend of $12,000. Funding may be  provided for a total of two years for most master’s programs and a total of  three years for law and doctoral programs. The application deadline is  November 1 deadline.

Study Subject(s): The  most successful applicants tend to be prepared for careers in the following  fields: Economics, business and finance in public and private sectors,  International diplomacy, security, and business, Journalism and media Film  production and visual and performing arts, Public policy and federal,  state, and major city government, Applied and theoretical  sciences, Research, teaching, and administration at premier secular  colleges and universities. Course Level: Scholarship is  awarded for pursuing graduate  program (master and doctoral) at premier universities anywhere  in the world. Scholarship Provider: The Mustard Seed  Foundation Scholarship can be taken at: Applicants can study  anywhere in the world but are only competitive if the university has an  internationally-recognized reputation as a “top five” program in the specific  discipline.

Eligibility: The following are requirements to qualify for a Harvey  Fellowship: Christian Faith: All persons receiving support from the Mustard  Seed Foundation must demonstrate personal faith in Jesus Christ and desire to  serve and witness in his name. The Lausanne Covenant best articulates the  theological vision of the Mustard Seed Foundation. All applicants must either  affirm the Lausanne Covenant as an expression of their faith and theological  understanding; OR submit a statement in their application articulating how their  theological understanding differs from the Covenant. In addition, the Foundation  expects to see a strong correlation between a successful applicant and  involvement in his/her local church. Graduate Study: An individual must be  enrolled in or have applied to a full-time graduate program. The Harvey  Fellowship is not awarded to individuals pursuing undergraduate degrees,  post-doctorate or non-degree programs, or part-time studies. Premier  Institutions: An individual must be attending or applying to a premier  university — typically those with an internationally recognized reputation as a  “top five” program in the specific discipline, or studying with an advisor  (and/or team) who is an internationally recognized expert in their field — which  will likely position the individual for a career in top companies, institutions  and organizations worldwide. Strategic Fields: An individual must be able to  demonstrate that their intended vocational field has a significant impact on  society, and yet appears to be underrepresented by Christians. We understand that these fields may vary in different countries  or contexts as applicants come from and are planning to work in different  countries around the world. Therefore the applicant is responsible to make a  strong case for the strategic nature and underrepresentation of Christians in the field or context in their application.

Scholarship Open for International Students: Students from all  nations can apply for the fellowship.

Scholarship Description: The Harvey Fellows Program provides  scholarships to Christian students who are pursuing graduate studies at premier  universities in fields considered to be underrepresented by Christians and who possess a unique vision to impact society through their  vocations. Initiated by the Mustard Seed Foundation (MSF) in 1992, the Harvey  Fellows Program seeks to mark, equip and encourage individuals to actively  integrate their faith and vocation as leaders in strategic occupations. We  understand God to be creator and  sustainer, not only of human  beings, but of society’s disciplines and structures which make up our world. We  believe God uses individuals to redeem these structures. We therefore desire to  empower students who evidence the passion and ability to lead others as they  participate in God’s work in the world. Through the program, the Foundation  seeks to identify, prepare, and celebrate this generation’s Daniels, Esthers,  Josephs and Lydias — people of God willing and able to assume positions of  leadership and influence for the cause of Christ in fields such as media,  government, scientific research, industry, the arts, and higher education.

Number of award(s): The number of  Fellowships awarded each year (both new and renewal) varies according to  available funds of the Mustard Seed Foundation.

Duration of award(s): Stipends may be renewed  for up to two additional years. Funding may be provided for a total of two years  for most master’s programs and a total of three years for law and doctoral  programs. Stipend payments beyond the first year are contingent upon the  Fellow’s good academic standing, reaffirmation of the statement of faith and  vocational goal as articulated in the student’s application, timely attendance  at a Summer Institute, the approval of Mustard Seed Foundation, and funds  available to the Foundation.

What does it cover? Each individual selected for the  Harvey Fellowship is awarded an initial stipend of $12,000. Fellows are free to  use their stipends for legitimate educational expenses which further their  vocational goals including tuition, living expenses, research tools or travel,  studio space, professional conferences, and interview travel.

Selection Criteria: Criteria for selecting individuals for the  Harvey Fellowship includes the applicant’s: -Description of his/her  Christian faith, and evidence of its strength and maturity -Demonstrated  ongoing commitment and accountability to the local church -Articulation of  the strategic nature of his/her vocational arena as a mission field and as a  position from which to influence society -Argument for the lack of a  distinctive Christian voice in that field -Demonstrated expertise within the  discipline/field -Demonstrated passion and ability to lead others -Potential to impact people and systemic structures within the field through  his/her vocational vision and commitment -Ability to be successful in the  chosen field of study, profession and cultural context -Outstanding academic  history

Notification: All applicants are notified of award decisions by  March 1.

How to Apply:The application process includes completing and  merging PDF files as well as facilitating the receipt of recommendation letters.  The application includes the following components: 1. Complete Contact  Information 2. Current Resume or CV 3. Vocational Goal Statement 4.  Affirmation of the Lausanne Covenant 5. Essays 6. School and Degree  Program Information 7. Recommendation Letters 8. Test Scores 9.  Official Transcripts 10. Work Sample

Scholarship Application Deadline: The entire application must be  completed by the November 1 deadline.

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Harvey Fellowship Program, International Scholarship, 2013/14 is a scholarship.

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