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NOTE: Attempt any FIVE questions in all, including QUESTION No.8 which is COMPULSORY.

All questions carry EQUAL marks.

1. ‘The Arab conquest of Sind was only an episode in the history of India and of Islam,

a triumph without results”. Do you agree with the view?
2. What were the measures adopted by Balban to consolidate his empire and strengthen

the authority the Sultan?

3. Briefly relate the social and cultural effects of the contact of Islam with Hinduism

under the Sultanate of Delhi.
4. Describe the character and personality of Babar as it emerges from the study of his

own Memoirs.
5. Din-i-Ilahi was “an outcome of ridiculous vanity, a monstrous growth of unrestrained

autocracy”. Elucidate
6. Discuss the main characteristics of the Mughal architecture and mention some of the

important Mughal buildings (10 Each).
7. Write short notes on any TWO of the following: (a) Price control system of

Alauddin Khalji. * (b) Mansabdari System of the Mughals. (c) Hazrat Mujaddid



8. Write only the correct answer in the Answer Book. Do not reproduce the question.
(1) Mahmud Ghaznavi died in the year:
(a) 930 (b) 1030 * (c) 1130 (d) None of

(2) Sarai Adal was a:
(a) Court of Justice (b) Inn
(c) Cloth Market (d) None of these
(3) Ghias Tughlauq ordered whom to leave Delhi:
(a) Siddi Maula
(b) Shaikh Zakariyya
(c) Nizamuddin Aulia
(d) Noneofth$?e
(4) Amiran-i-Sadda were:
(a) Foreign nobles
(b) Local nobles
(c) Rajputs
(d) None of these
(5) ______ was appointed Ambassador to China by Muhammad Tughluq:
(a) Ibn.Batuta (b) Khawaja Jahan (c) AmirKhusrau (d)

None of these
(6) Amir Timur attached South Asia in the year: (a) 1390 (b) 1398 (c)

1490 (d) None of these

(7) The city of Jaunpur was founded by:
(a) Jauna Khan (b) Feroz Shah (c) SherShah (d) None

of these
(8) Fuad-ul-Fawaid was written by:
(a) AmirHasan (b) AmirKhusrau (c) HasanNizami (d) None of

(9) Ziauddin Barni was a:
(a) Poet (b) Commander (c) Social Worker (d) None of these
(10) Alai Durvaza was built by:
(a) Alaul Mulk (b) Ali Mardan (c) Shah Jahan (d) None

of these
(11) Battle of Kanwah was fought in the year: (a) 1527 (b) 1530 (c)

1535 (d) None of these
(12) Original name of the Sher Shah was:
(a) Sher Khan (b) Hasan Khan (c) Farid Khan (d)

None of these
(13) Humayun was born in the year:
(a) 1508 (b) 1510
(c) 1512 (d) None of these
(14) Akbar was born at:
(a) Agra (b) Kabul
(c) Qandhar (d) None of these
(15) Original name of Nur Jahan was:
.(a) Nur Begum (b) NurunNisa (c) MehrunNisa (d) None

of these
(16) Under Shah Jahan Qandhar was conquered by: (a) Dara *ikoh (b)

Aurangzeb (c) ShahShujah (d) None of these
(17) Akbar Nama was written by:
(a) Mullah Badayuni (b) Abul Fazal (c) Faizi (d) None of these
(18) Gulbadan Bano was a ______ of Humayun: (a) Sister (b) Wife (c)

daughter (d) None of these
(19) Fateh pur Sikri was built by:
(a) Babur (b) SherShah (c) Shah Jahan (d) None of

(20) Khiyal, a form of music, was invented by:
(a)Amir khusru
(b)Tan sen
(d)none of these