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Inha University annually offers a Summer School program as a part of its devotion to a more enhanced global education. The summer program was first initiated in 2004 to provide overseas college students with hands-on opportunities to learn the Korean language and experience the cultural and academic life in Korea. Since then, the program has continued to develop and be enriched with more unique and diverse activities, while attracting more participants every year.

This short term, intensive program mainly consists of classroom lectures, visits to corporate sites, cultural sessions and field trips to cultural and historic places in general. Through the course work, international students will have opportunities to better understand the dynamic aspects of the past, present and future of the Korean society.

One of the most important and engaging aspects of these programs is that the learning is not limited to the classroom. Many field trip locations themselves become “living textbooks” for international students, who are eager to gain real world experiences on traditional and modern Korean culture. Throughout the program, international students will enjoy many chances to meet and interact with Korean students, and an opportunity will be given to make a presentation to share their experiences and views with each other. At the end of the program, participants will receive certificates of completion.

In addition to learning the Korean language and culture, students will also be able to take other interesting courses. These courses will cover theories on the introductory level, present diverse aspects in the chosen fields and include site visits to various off-campus places. The fields and scopes of the courses will continue to expand reflecting demands from students and the global community.

Why should you participate in Inha Summer School?

Experience Korea’s Leading University This is an exciting opportunity to be part of one of the top universities in Korea and earn credits towards a degree at your home university in only three weeks. Inha University has world class facilities including libraries, student center and dormitory.

Immersion with Korean Students Inha University has close to 22,000 students. All summer school participants will have Korean buddies who will help them to learn about Korean culture and practice Korean.

Wide Variety of Unique Courses Available Students will have a variety of options to choose unique courses to learn Korea and its culture.

Support and Guidance Students will have access to support staff in the dormitory and the International Center as well as academic and other counseling services.

Vibrant City Students will have lots of time to experience Incheon metropolitan city, which is one of the most dynamic and beautiful cities in Korea.

  • Period: August 5, 2013 – August 23, 2013 [3 weeks]
  • Participants: International Students currently enrolled at a university
  • Language of Instruction: English (Some language classes may be taught in Chinese or Japanese. No prior knowledge of Korean is necessary)

Course Information Students can expect outstanding teaching standards delivered in a warm and welcoming environment. Programs are designed to be interactive, stimulating and fun. Teaching involves a combination of lectures, classroom learning, self directed study and practical field trips.

Application Please apply online at

Important Dates Schedule

  • May 5 (Sun) Online Application and Payment Deadline
  • May 26 (Sun) Cancellation Deadline
  • August 4 (Sun) Arrival Day
  • August 5 (Mon) Summer School Starts
  • August 23 (Fri) Summer School Ends
  • August 24 (Sat) Departure

Accommodation Participants will reside in campus residential halls which are conveniently located within walking distance. Each room houses four students and students can use all the facilities including computer rooms, laundry facilities, shared kitchen and gyms and etc. There are also many restaurants and supermarkets nearby for students.

Practical Field Trips Over the course of the three weeks, students will go on field trips specific to the subject they are studying. For example, students who study business may visit the headquarters of multinational corporations while students taking Korean culture class may visit the National Folk Museums or the Museum of Immigration History. All of these field trips will be great complements to the class room learning.

Inha University Inha University is one of the most prestigious private universities in Korea, and has been continually ranked as a top 10 college nationwide. Since its foundation as an engineering institute in 1954, the university has sustained a strong tradition of academic integrity and gained a reputation for excellent educational programs and research in the fields of science and technology, and across a broader academic spectrum including IT, social sciences, business, global logistics, education, law, fine arts, humanities and medicine. Motivated by the strong support and investment from Hanjin Group, which controls the foundation along with Korean Air, Inha University continues to reinvent itself to achieve its goal of enhancing pragmatic education, practical research and globalization. Inha’s vision continues with its grand project of building a global campus in New Songdo City, a newly emerging international business and R&D hub city in northeast Asia.

City of Incheon With over 2.8 million people, Incheon is one of the largest cities in Korea in terms of population. A gateway to northeast Asia with international airport and international sea port in its hand, Incheon is located in mid west Korean peninsula abutting the Yellow Sea. Incheon is an intensely dynamic city bursting with rapid cultural and economic change, and it is now transforming into a global business hub centered around the high tech and futuristic New Songdo City, which is designated to become a center of diverse international businesses and trade.

Size and Location

  • The third largest city in Korea with a population of 2.8 million
  • Situated on the west coast, 30 km from Seoul
  • China town, piers, neighboring islands, shopping malls, museums, movie complexes and parks

Clothing & Culture

  • Korea has definite four seasons with a wet monsoon summer.
  • The average temperature in August is around 30 degrees Celsius.

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