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Project Associate Internships (Bio-Chemistry/Agri-Chemistry)- 2022


Assist the Chemist in Honey Testing Laboratory Analyze Organic & Inorganic Compounds to determine their Composition using different instruments Conduct Qualitative & Quantitative Experiments Protocol Analysis for Different samples analysis

Project Details

Poverty has significantly increased in the rural areas of Pakistan particularly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province due to underutilization of available resources like, Orchards, local bee flora, which are good habitats for beekeeping. Farmers and youths are greatly affected as they have no access to economic resources. Beekeeping has been identified as a viable agriculture practice that could alleviate poverty and sustained rural employment in the province. The proposal is designed in such a way that beekeeping will lead to improvement of the standard of living of the rural poor people; reduce unemployment among the youth, Farmers. This will be achieved on condition that the target group is supported through skills training and provision of beekeeping equipment to start beekeeping as a livelihood activity. The training is expected to contribute to proper management of bees, improved production and quality control and marketing of bee products. Research will be needed to identify pests and diseases and their control or prevention in order to reduce their impact on quantity and quality of bee products. The main objective of the project is to support honey production and marketing sector by providing the services of advance techniques for honeybee keeping and honey testing facility for quality assurance.

Following are the specific objectives of the project:

Specific objectives of the project are:

• To improve livelihood of the farmers through Bee Keeping Promotion in the province.

• To up-scaling the capacity of existing and new bee farmers.

• To enhance the productivity of honey bees hives through value addition.

• To conduct research on production of Export Quality honey in the Province.

• To establish honey Quality control laboratory


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