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Top 10 Accounting Internships 2024

In a significant development for aspiring financial professionals, the landscape of accounting internships is witnessing unprecedented growth and opportunity. As industries continue to navigate complex financial terrains, the demand for skilled and adaptable accountants is at an all-time high. Leading this charge are renowned firms offering accounting internships, designed to mold the next generation of financial experts. These programs are not merely temporary positions; they are gateways to career advancement and professional development. Today, we delve into how accounting internships are becoming a crucial stepping stone for ambitious individuals looking to make their mark in the world of finance.

1. Deloitte Accounting Internship: A World of Opportunities

Deloitte is not just a firm; it’s a global network of professionals dedicated to providing audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, and tax services. As an intern, you’ll be part of a culture that values collaboration and innovation. Deloitte internships are known for their comprehensive learning environment, where interns are treated as full-time employees and are expected to contribute to various projects. You’ll have the opportunity to work across different sectors, which could include finance, healthcare, government, and consumer business, providing a well-rounded experience.

  • Experience Gained: Interns can expect to engage in real-world projects in various industries, gaining skills that are crucial for a successful career in accounting and beyond.
  • Further Information: Deloitte Careers

2. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC): A Global Network of Excellence

PwC’s internships are designed to give you a firsthand view of both the challenges and rewards of working in a global professional services firm. Interns at PwC are not just working on theoretical projects; they are thrust into the real world of auditing and consulting, working side by side with seasoned professionals. You’ll learn about the firm’s services, how they meet client needs, and the ethical standards that guide their work. PwC prides itself on its commitment to developing leaders, and as an intern, you’ll be exposed to a variety of learning and networking opportunities to kickstart your career in accounting.

  • Experience Gained: Interns work on meaningful projects and are exposed to multiple facets of the business, from understanding client needs to developing strategic solutions.
  • Further Information: PwC Careers

3. Ernst & Young (EY): Building a Better Working World

EY’s commitment to building a better working world is evident in its internship program, which is designed to give you insights into the workings of a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction, and advisory services. At EY, you’ll be encouraged to ask better questions and work with better answers, helping the world’s most influential companies to make better business decisions. Interns are given responsibilities early on, working on projects that directly affect clients and getting a real feel for the firm’s culture and the professional world.

  • Experience Gained: Interns at EY are not just observers but active participants in projects that drive real impact, offering a unique blend of learning and professional development.
  • Further Information: EY Careers

4. KPMG: Commitment to Quality and Integrity

KPMG’s internships offer a mix of learning and working experiences. Interns at KPMG are immediately immersed in the culture of a firm that values and upholds the highest standards of quality and integrity. You’ll work on real projects, learn about the intricacies of auditing and consulting, and see firsthand how KPMG professionals help clients navigate their most complex challenges. KPMG is committed to your personal and professional growth, offering training and development opportunities that continue well beyond your internship.

  • Experience Gained: Interns gain hands-on experience in audit, tax, and advisory services, dealing with intricate business problems and learning from some of the brightest minds in the industry.
  • Further Information: KPMG Careers

5. BDO USA: Personalized Experience in a Dynamic Environment

BDO USA provides a unique internship experience focusing on mid-market companies, which allows interns to get a closer look at a crucial segment of the economy. BDO’s internships are characterized by a more personalized approach, where you’ll work closely with teams and have a chance to make a real impact. You’ll gain exposure to a wide range of industries and services, including assurance, tax, and advisory, and learn how BDO’s professionals assist clients with their most critical issues. BDO’s culture is one of openness and respect, where your ideas and contributions are valued from day one.

  • Experience Gained: Interns at BDO enjoy a unique blend of personal attention and the resources of a large firm, gaining experience in assurance, tax, and advisory services in various industries.
  • Further Information: BDO Careers

6. Grant Thornton: Collaborative Excellence in Audit and Advisory

Grant Thornton’s internships are known for their collaborative environment. You’ll work alongside professionals in audit, tax, and various advisory services, gaining exposure to a wide range of industries. Grant Thornton prides itself on its culture of openness and respect, where interns are encouraged to ask questions and contribute ideas. This approach ensures a learning experience that is both comprehensive and inclusive.

  • Experience Gained: Expect to enhance your teamwork and analytical skills, understand industry-specific financial practices, and gain a holistic view of business operations.
  • Further Information: Grant Thornton Careers

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7. RSM US: Specializing in the Mid-Market with a Global Reach

RSM US specializes in mid-market businesses and offers internships in audit, tax, and consulting. As an intern, you’ll provide services that are tailored to the unique needs of growing companies. RSM’s global network also means you’ll have resources and insights from around the world at your disposal, providing a well-rounded perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the mid-market sector.

  • Experience Gained: You’ll gain a deep understanding of the challenges faced by mid-market companies, develop strategic thinking, and enhance your technical accounting skills.
  • Further Information: RSM US Careers

8. Crowe: Building Deep Industry Expertise

Crowe offers internships in audit, tax, advisory, and risk consulting, with a focus on building deep industry expertise. Interns at Crowe are exposed to a variety of sectors and challenges, ensuring a learning experience that is both diverse and in-depth. Crowe’s commitment to innovation means you’ll be working with the latest tools and methodologies, preparing you for a future where you can make a real difference.

  • Experience Gained: You’ll learn to navigate complex regulatory environments, understand various industry-specific financial landscapes, and develop risk assessment skills.
  • Further Information: Crowe Careers

9. Moss Adams: Regional Insight with Large Firm Resources

Moss Adams provides internships focusing on middle-market companies, offering assurance, tax, and consulting services. With a regional focus but the resources of a large firm, Moss Adams offers a unique blend of personal attention and professional opportunities. As an intern, you’ll work on teams that value your input and provide mentorship that fosters your growth and confidence.

  • Experience Gained: Interns gain hands-on experience with diverse accounting practices, learn about regional business dynamics, and develop strong client relationship skills.
  • Further Information: Moss Adams Careers

10. Plante Moran: A Supportive Culture Fostering Diverse Experiences

Known for its supportive culture, Plante Moran offers internships in audit, tax, and management consulting, focusing on various industries. Interns at Plante Moran are not just learning about accounting; they’re becoming part of a community that values each individual’s growth and well-being. With a wide range of clients and services, the learning opportunities here are as diverse as they are rewarding.

  • Experience Gained: You’ll work on a variety of projects across industries, develop a broad skill set in financial services, and benefit from a culture that prioritizes mentorship and personal development.
  • Further Information: Plante Moran Careers

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