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Aviation and IT Jobs in Canada 2024 (CAD 25 – 50 per hour)

Aviation and IT Jobs in Canada

Hundreds of Canadian companies are currently hiring for tens of thousands of permanent positions. In Canada, jobs in fields where there is a labor shortage are handsomely compensated. Additionally, foreign nationals can apply straight for jobs with Canadian businesses before requesting a work permit.

Employing foreign talent through Canada’s province-run temporary immigration schemes can also help foreign graduates, seasoned professionals, and skilled workers secure a work permit or permanent residence. Jobs with the Canadian government are also awarded based on merit.

One can apply for permanent residency in Canada if they have secured a job. Being able to work in the global market is an excellent opportunity to succeed in the industry. And if it’s Canada, folks can gain practical experience and work with a range of clientele to enhance their knowledge and abilities.

Working with well-known Canadian companies could help someone accomplish their goals. Businesses give their employees benefits in addition to hiring people based on their academic qualifications.

Overview: Work Visas

For many people seeking to relocate abroad, the first step is to apply for a work visa. Work visas in Canada come in a variety of forms, each designed for a particular purpose.

Being qualified for both skilled worker programs and temporary work permits requires knowing what has to be done.

Current Job Market in Canada

In 2024, there is a spike in the Canadian labor market, and many companies are aggressively seeking foreign workers. Professionals with skills who wish to work in industries like aviation and IT and join the nation’s varied workforce have several opportunities.

Government Jobs in Canadian Government Companies 2024

Interested foreign individuals may apply for a variety of government jobs in government companies based on their academic background and areas of interest. The job postings are given here, along with several prestigious Canadian government agencies.

  1. Jobs in Canada Post

Canada Post, the nation’s postal service, was established in 1851. Ottawa, Canada is home to its main office. About 11 billion pieces of mail are sent annually by Canada Post to 15 million residential and business addresses nationwide.

It comes from nearly twenty major cities in Canada. 6,600 post offices and additional processing facilities have been established across the country. Over ten thousand people are employed by Canada Post. The company also provides a range of professional opportunities.

Posts: Applications are being accepted for the roles of Post Office Assistant, Delivery Agent, and Letter Carrier.

Salary Range: Employees of Canada Post Corporation make, on average, C$23.45 per hour. The typical hourly wage at Canada Post Corporation is between C$16.44 and C$37.83

  1. Jobs in Metrolinx

Metrolinx has its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, and employs more than 5000 people. Building a transportation network that will raise the prosperity, sustainability, and overall standard of living of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area is the goal of Metrolinx, an organization under government management in Ontario. The company also provides a range of professional opportunities.

Job Announcements: Applications are being accepted for the roles of transportation manager, operations manager, and bus driver.

Bus drivers at Metrolinx make an average of $66372 a year, while executive vice presidents make an average of $213768.

Aviation Jobs in Top Canadian Aviation Companies 2024

Many benefits come with working in the aviation sector, including a competitive benefits package, insurance, security, and more. If the position is offered by a top Canadian aviation business, the benefits increase twofold. Some job openings from Canada’s leading aviation corporations are listed below; prospective candidates can select their desired position from the list:

  1. Jobs at Airbus

As a leader in innovation, Airbus has worked on ongoing research and technology projects with the National Research Council of Canada and other Canadian organizations. Because

Airbus is a market leader in commercial airplanes, helicopters, military, and space, the company is well-represented in Canada’s aerospace sector.

The company, which has been in operation for almost 35 years, now employs over 3,800 individuals across Canada. Employees can increase their knowledge and comprehension of the aviation industry by enrolling in the Airbus Leadership University. The company also provides a range of professional opportunities.

Job Announcements: Applications are being accepted for the roles of designer and jet manufacturer.

At Airbus, the average yearly salary is $92,822. At Airbus, annual compensation normally varies from $65,346 to $129,488, on average.

  1. Jobs at Boeing

Boeing’s worldwide recognition is a result of its contributions to the aircraft industry. Canadian company Boeing produces aeronautical equipment for use in commercial aircraft. It also produces goods for the space, defense, and security sectors, including the CH-47 Chinook helicopter.

Boeing has operations at twelve locations in Canada, ranging from Vancouver to Montreal. The business is dedicated to continuous improvement, innovation, and transformation in the aviation sector. The company also provides a range of professional opportunities.

Aviation engineers, test pilots, accountants, managerial roles, shipping and receiving specialists, and service managers are among the open jobs.

The average Boeing employee in Canada makes $27,924 a year, or $14.32 an hour. While entry-level positions start at $23,849 annually, most experienced workers make up to $42,647 annually.

  1. Jobs at Bombardier Inc.

In Canada, Bombardier Inc. dominates the market for business aviation aircraft production. With its headquarters located in Montreal, Bombardier Inc. has around 7,800 employees across Canada. Billions of dollars have been invested by Bombardier Inc. to create incredible aircraft.

More than 4,900 commercial aircraft have been designed and built by it in more than three decades. The company also provides a range of professional opportunities.

Applications from qualified candidates are being accepted for the roles of analyst, master plan designer, and customer account manager.

The average yearly salary at Bombardier is between C$56,789 and C$115,448.

IT jobs in the Canadian IT sector 2024

Should one choose to work in the IT industry, there is a great deal of innovation and a higher success rate. The best Canadian IT companies have posted several job openings below, which are open to interested people.

  1. Synergo Group

With operations in Canada, the US, the UK, Denmark, Germany, Romania, and the Netherlands, The Synergo Group is a global custom software development company. 2005 saw its introduction. For startups and corporate innovation teams, Synergo Group offers software and application design, development, and support throughout all stages, including concept, design, implementation, and deployment. Synergo Group employs about 120 people in total. The company also provides a range of professional opportunities.

Job Announcements: Applications are being accepted for the roles of manager, director of construction, software developer, and facilitator.

At Synergo Group, annual salaries typically fall between C$ 39,000 and C$ 190,000.

  1. Packetlabs Ltd

A cybersecurity firm called Packetlabs Ltd. was founded in Mississauga, Canada, in 2011. The fact that Packetlabs is a Canadian penetration testing business with expertise that surpasses industry standards speaks much about the way the company operates.

They provide cybersecurity solutions to clients in the financial services, education, and advertising sectors, ranging from small businesses to multinational enterprises, with the assistance of their skilled workforce. Over 300 people work at Packetlabs Ltd., and the company has a range of job opportunities.

Applications are being accepted from competent applicants for positions as DevOps Engineers and Information Security Analysts.

At Packetlabs Ltd., the typical yearly compensation ranges from C$ 45,000 to C$ 104,000.

Canadian Transport Sector Jobs 2024

The major Canadian transportation firms are mentioned below, offering a variety of employment postings to interested people, in light of the industry’s significant expansion.

  1. Bison Transport

In Canada, Bison is a reputable and well-run transportation company. There are bison terminals in British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. In certain parts of the United States as well as all of Canada, the bison offers its services.

They are renowned for their premium gear and thoughtful handling of drivers. The workplace is a friendly place to work. There are more than 4,200 workers at Bison Transport. The company also provides a range of professional opportunities.

Job announcements: We are hiring owner-operators, truck drivers, crane operators, and attendants for car washes.

Car wash attendants at Bison Transport typically make between $24,000 to $89,000 a year, while team drivers make up the highest salary bracket. The hourly wage range offered by Bison Transport is $14.14 for a car wash attendant and $38.90 for an owner-operator driver.

  1. TFI International

TFI, a publicly traded transportation firm with terminals across Canada, the US, and Mexico, is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. It’s a sizable organization with lots of job opportunities for machinery operators. TFI International employs more than 1700 people. The business also has several job openings.

Job Postings: Truck Driver, Operations Analyst, Driver Manager/Dispatcher, and Programmer Analyst positions are open to interested candidates.

Salary Range: TFI International pays an average of C$37,206 to C$91,214 per year in salary.

  1. Trimac Transportation

A Canadian company that was founded in Calgary, Alberta, is an expert in bulk and tanker transportation. They are a well-known transportation company with over 100 terminals in the US and Canada. Considering that they are a reputable company that delivers big machinery and tanks, their pay package is alluring. Tricam Transpiration employs more than 3000 people. Additionally, the organization offers a variety of job options.

Positions Opened: Interested Applications are being accepted for the positions of project supervisor, machinery operator, and technician.

Salary Range: At Trimac Transportation, technicians typically make $15.44 per hour, while owner-operators make $102. Supervisors at Trimac Transportation make roughly $55,000 a year, while chauffeurs make $218,738.

The top Canadian corporations have listed all of the job openings above; prospective applicants should keep an eye on recruitment websites. Interested candidates can obtain the official email address of a company by visiting its official website, which is where the vacancy announcement is posted. The interested candidate may submit his or her résumé together with any supporting materials and portfolio that the business requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the free visa jobs in Canada?

Foreign workers can come to Canada and work without needing to obtain a work visa thanks to free visa jobs. These are mostly part-time or seasonal employment that doesn’t always call for highly trained labor. Nonetheless, they might offer a fantastic means of entering the Canadian workforce.

How can I locate employment in Canada that requires no visa?

In Canada, free visa jobs can be found in a few different ways. You can reach out to Canadian firms directly or via online employment portals like Indeed or Monster. To look for available jobs, you can also visit a Canadian government website, such as the Job Bank.

What qualifications are needed to work in Canada on a free visa?

Depending on the position, different qualifications are needed for free visa jobs in Canada. Nonetheless, the majority of employers will demand that you have a current passport and be able to provide proof of your education and work history. Furthermore, before hiring you, certain businesses could mandate that you pass a medical checkup.

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