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Digital Marketing Jobs in USA 2023/24: Visa-Sponsored ($31.72 per hour)

Digital Marketing Jobs in the USA

Simply use your smartphone to apply, and the rest is history as many US companies continue to sponsor visas and hire recent graduates from abroad. You can apply for jobs in digital marketing on other websites besides Indeed, which is among the best job search engines.

Digital Marketing Job in the USA

Getting a free visa is one benefit of applying for a digital marketing job as a foreign national. If you are an expert in both offline and online industries and have a strong background in creating innovative marketing campaigns, consider yourself taken.

Who is a Digital Marketer?

A digital marketer is a person who advertises a company’s goods and services to potential consumers using a variety of digital media. However, their regular tasks include writing, attending meetings, and sending emails. They are also responsible for overseeing data analysis and marketing strategy.


  • The following is all the information required to work as a digital marketer in the US:
  • A diploma or bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related discipline is necessary, as is prior work experience in a marketing-related role.
  • Also, advanced proficiency in copywriting, social media management, and content development.
  • Besides that, have the ability to concentrate and operate in a busy environment.
  • Moreover, swiftly adapts to change and makes the required corrections.
  • Furthermore, exceptional communication skills both in writing and speaking
  • Lastly, it is necessary to speak Spanish and English well.


What are the responsibilities, tasks, and skills involved in digital marketing? The responsibilities of a digital marketer are as follows:

  • In charge of creating, managing, and creating communication plans.
  • Also, choose the content that will be sent to customers.
  • In addition, in charge of executing marketing campaigns via email.
  • Moreover, the capacity to organize and implement marketing plans.
  • Besides that, the task of data analysis falls to them.
  • Furthermore, monitor marketing plans and attend meetings.
  • Aside from that, manage the creation of content and daily production.
  • Similarly, outstanding ability to communicate.
  • Likewise, keep an eye on the client experience and help companies comprehend how the needs of their target market are evolving.
  • Above all, deliver content to the target audience while reducing the size of the clientele.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Job in the USA

  • High Demand: Skills in digital marketing are highly sought after in all sectors of the economy. There is always a need for skilled digital marketers as companies devote a larger share of their marketing spending to online platforms.
  • Diverse Career Options: Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and online analytics are just a few of the positions and specializations that fall under the umbrella of digital marketing. People might discover a specialization that aligns with their interests and abilities because of this diversity.
  • Creative Liberty: Content development, graphic design, and video production are just a few of the creative jobs that are commonly needed in the field of digital marketing. In the process of planning and carrying out campaigns, marketers can showcase their creativity and innovation.
  • Measurable Results: Digital marketing allows for real-time tracking and campaign performance measurement, in contrast to traditional marketing techniques. Marketers can assess the success of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions for optimization by using analytics tools.
  • Remote Work Possibilities: A lot of jobs in digital marketing may be done from home, giving employees more flexibility at work. This may be especially appealing to those who would rather work remotely or from multiple locations.
  • Ongoing Education: As new platforms and technology appear frequently, the field of digital marketing is always evolving. This preserves the dynamic within the field and offers chances for continued education and career advancement.

Additional Benefits

  • Profitability Potential: Skilled digital marketers usually receive competitive compensation because of their capacity to produce outcomes for companies. Digital marketers can have competitive pay depending on their region, specialization, and experience level.
  • Global Presence: Businesses can connect with a global audience through digital marketing. With a global viewpoint, marketers can design campaigns that speak to audiences across borders and cultural divides.
  • Entrepreneurial Possibilities: Digital marketers should be able to promote their goods and services, as should entrepreneurs and small company owners. Online marketing success might result from knowing how to promote your business efficiently.
  • Job Protection: Digital marketing will remain a vital component of company operations for as long as the Internet is around. It provides a feeling of work security for specialists in the field.
  • Networking Opportunities: Working together with designers, content producers, developers, and data analysts, among others, is often necessary for digital marketing. This encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration and networking opportunities.
  • Effective Work: By increasing website traffic, generating leads, raising brand awareness, and eventually raising income, marketers can have a significant impact on the growth and profitability of a firm.


The digital marketing sector is booming in the United States since it has the largest population of active Internet users. Thus, you are prepared to begin if you hold a degree in digital marketing. The average annual salary for digital marketers in the US is $65,969, or $31.72 per hour.

While entry-level positions start at $49,497 annually, the majority of experienced workers make up to $105,286.

Best Digital Marketing Jobs In the USA

The field of digital marketing strategy has several facets, and there are many job opportunities. However, some of these positions also involve SEO analytics, content strategy, social media, and other things.

  1. Digital Advertising Marketer

Clear and timely communication of ideas, thoughts, analyses, reports, plans, and analytics is the responsibility of digital advertising marketers. However, a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of experience are requirements. The benefit is sponsorship for a visa, and the annual salary range is reportedly between $53,000 and $70,000.

  1. Social Media Assistant

A social media assistant is a media marketing professional who oversees the social media presence of a company or client. You could work for a corporation or a marketing organization that handles a large number of clients in this position. Qualifications include social media management and good communication skills, with an annual compensation of $20,000 – $30,000.

  1. Digital Advertising Specialist

From ideation to execution and analysis, sponsored advertising programs fall within their purview. They do, however, also participate in execution and strategy. A bachelor’s degree and prior expertise with search engines, Facebook advertisements, Google ads, and other similar campaigns are prerequisites for this role. It is anticipated that the yearly salary will range from $53,000 to $69,000, in addition to the benefit of sponsoring a visa.

  1. Social Media in Public

They are in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations of companies by utilizing different social media platforms to break down walls that separate a brand from the general public. In addition to other prerequisites, writing abilities, a driver’s license, editing, and a bachelor’s degree are needed. The starting salary for a public relations and social media manager in the US is $33,045 annually.

  1. Digital & Social Media Manager

Establishing and overseeing social campaigns, creating content, analyzing analytics, and liaising with key stakeholders within an organization are the usual responsibilities of social media managers. There are opportunities for promotion and sponsorship of visas, in addition to a salary of $40,000.00 per year.

Other Digital Marketing Jobs

  • Marketing Associate or Marketing Manager
  • Assistant Director of Web Strategy
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Where to Apply for Digital Marketing Jobs

Where can I find a digital marketing job posting? There are several websites where you can apply. Some of the most reliable resources and direct connections to apply for a job in digital marketing in your sector are listed below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can American Businesses Sponsor Visas?

They do, in fact, sponsor visas. Still, a large number of US employers now sponsor visas and hire recent graduates from abroad.

What Function Does a Digital Media Manager Perform?

  • Foremost, post material on the business website.
  • Also, post material to social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • In addition, provide sponsored and organic search strategy recommendations.
  • Lastly, the analytics of an online platform.

In the USA, is a profession in digital marketing worthwhile?

Due to the large number of active Internet users in the USA, the digital marketing business is growing. Due to the American market’s reliance on online platforms, there are more job prospects in digital marketing in the country. You will succeed in the future if you have a flair for marketing.

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