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Factory Jobs in Romania for Foreigners 2023/24: Visa-Sponsored (RON 21 per hour)

Factory Jobs in Romania for Foreigners

When looking for work in Romania, foreigners could look into a variety of fields. Both the aircraft sector and the country’s telecommunications business are growing at a rapid pace. Textiles, metals, chemicals, and machine building are all important industries.

These industries drove the country’s economic growth in the first ten years of the twenty-first century as producers turned their focus from home to foreign markets. For example, these industries contributed around 35% of the country’s GDP in 2007.

Today, building accounts for about 10% of GDP, making Romania a more desirable location for global real estate investors. The ongoing construction of the new freeway is an important development project, as we discussed in our section about Romanian transportation. The nation’s growing auto industry also benefits from local automakers like Dacia, whose Logan model was the best-selling new car in Central and Eastern Europe in the first half of 2007.

Romania leads Eastern Europe in this area as well, with almost 64,000 IT specialists in 2013. By population size, this is the highest rate in Europe and the sixth highest worldwide.

As such, Romania has a lot to offer international workers who would like to live there.

Job Seeking in Romania

  • There are many of opportunities in Romania to help you land the job of your dreams. Job ads appear in national publications, but are usually only accessible in Romanian. However, the English versions of Ziarul Financiar, Nine O’Clock, Bucharest, and The Diplomat are all accessible online.
  • The National Agency for Employment (NAE) Romania (this site is in Romanian), the British Council Romania (if you intend to teach English), and EURES (European Job Mobility Portal) are other job search websites that can be useful to you. The Romanian labor agency, NAE, is under government supervision. To have access to a plethora of professional opportunities, you will need to translate the page or speak Romanian well.
  • Although the procedure for submitting a job application in Romania is simple, there are a few little differences with other nations. While typing application letters is a good idea, certain employers might prefer handwritten ones. Although it is a good idea to bring your credentials to the interview, companies in Romania are now allowed to accept them per
  • EU legislation, so their presence is not usually necessary.
  • Just as with any other interview, the main goal of the job interview should be to show why you are the best fit for the role. For employment, two interviews are usually necessary, and both interviews take place in English.

Benefits of Factory Jobs in Romania

  • Stable Employment: Factory work frequently provides stable and safe employment. A large number of manufacturing plants keep regular business hours, giving workers a reliable source of income.
  • Diverse Employment Prospects: There are many different departments and roles in factories, which means there are a lot of job chances. Candidates with a range of skill sets can find employment in diverse fields such as machine operation, assembly line labor, quality control, logistics, and maintenance.
  • Prospects at Entry Level: A significant portion of factory jobs are at the entry-level, making them accessible to people with little to no work experience or specialized technical skills. This gives them a fundamental idea when they enter the workforce.
  • Curriculum and Skill Development: In many cases, factory jobs call for on-the-job training. Employees who enhance their skill set have the chance to learn specific knowledge and skills related to quality control, manufacturing processes, safety procedures, and operating machinery.
  • Professional Development: Working in manufacturing may present prospects for career progression. As they obtain experience and finish additional training at the factory, workers may be able to progress to managerial positions, specialized roles, or higher-paying positions.
  • Work in Teams and Collaboration: In a factory, reaching output targets consistently calls for teamwork among employees. In addition to encouraging teamwork, this could foster a supportive work environment.
  • Competitive Compensation: A large portion of factory occupations offer competitive pay, especially for those requiring specific technical knowledge or expertise. Employees who put in more hours may also be eligible for overtime pay.
  • Employment Security: When it comes to manufacturing employment, job security may depend on the sector and the state of the economy at large. The manufacturing sector plays a major role in many countries, and skilled labor is often in high demand.

Additional Benefits

  • Safety and Health Measures: Factory safety is usually given high importance. This includes giving safety protocol training, putting safety measures in place, and upholding occupational health and safety regulations.
  • Improvements to the Local Economy: The construction of factories creates jobs and supports related industries like logistics and transportation. The community might gain from this in the future.
  • Shift Flexibility: Many factories operate on a shift basis, which gives workers the benefit of flexible scheduling. People with personal commitments or those who would rather work irregular hours can benefit from this arrangement.
  • Production of Tangible Goods: Workers in factories often take great satisfaction in the tangible goods they create. Seeing the material results of one’s labor materialize as finished goods can bring personal satisfaction and heighten a sense of accomplishment.

Romania Factory Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

  1. General Packers and Labourers


  • Foremost, willingness to work in a well-established team atmosphere on a range of activities, from ordinary labor to highly specialized vital roles.
  • In addition, participate in and adhere to our WHS, QAS, and training programs, which are meticulously designed.
  • To ensure that you can go to and from work, make sure your car is working.
  • Also, participate in a cooperative and harmonious team setting (become a team member).
  • Aside from that, attendance and dedication are rewarded with a full-time job and the opportunity to advance along one of the many available professional paths.

Concerning the Candidate:

  • All new hires receive training from seasoned Beef City staff members.
  • Also, there are currently openings for full-time workers on all production floors and schedules, including the afternoon and day hours.
  • In addition, immunization schedules and Q-Fever testing are crucial for safeguarding Beef City employees. With our on-site nurse, you can schedule a time to have your Q-Fever shot.
  • Besides that, having a positive outlook, being trustworthy, having effective communication skills, and being eager to work will help you land a permanent job.

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  1. Production and Warehouse Assistant


  • Offer assistance in guaranteeing that manufacturing techniques follow standard operating procedures, routines, and line standards.
  • Also, support the operating standards for warehouses.
  • Additionally, adopt a mindset of “zero injury, defect, waste” and promote activities that improve the environment, quality, safety, and health.
  • In addition, ensures that all work is completed per the highest standards of quality, compliance, safety, dependability, and affordability.


  • Highly proficient in computer usage
  • Also, able to function well in a group setting
  • In addition, adept at communicating
  • Furthermore, faithful to safe work procedures
  • Aside from that, adept at creating and preserving a professional and upbeat environment
  • Similarly, outstanding ability to communicate
  • Above all, exemplary work ethic

Romanian Social Security

  • Romania has an excellent system of social security. Under the first pillar of the public pension system, individuals who meet the standard retirement age and have made all required contributions are eligible to receive an old-age pension. As of January 2015, the retirement age for men is 65 years and 7 months, while the retirement age for women is 59 years and 7 months. In January 2015, the minimum length of service for both became 15 years.
  • A survivor pension may be granted to the spouse or child of a deceased person who was a first-pillar pensioner or who was otherwise qualified for one. In addition to having attained retirement age, all survivors who receive survivor pensions must have been married for a minimum of ten years if they are spouses.
  • If an illness or accident has caused a person to lose at least half of their working capacity, they may be eligible for an invalidity pension. This covers illnesses and accidents that occur at work. It is not necessary to fulfill a minimum contribution time to be eligible for an invalid pension. You must submit a claim for unemployment benefits within a year of losing your job due to involuntary unemployment. One must actively seek a job.
  • Your company will provide you with a social security number and withhold contributions as an expat. However, if you move to a nation with which Romania does not have a social security agreement and that nation does not have such an agreement, the payout on these may be forfeited.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a foreigner find employment in Romania?

Fulfill the legal standards set forth by the employer for experience and training; fall within the annual quota authorized by government decree; and the post they choose cannot be filled by residents of Romania, the European Union, or any other member state.

What is the salary of workers in factories in Romania?

In Romania, the average salary for a manufacturing worker is RON 21 per hour or 43,833 per year. A factory worker typically makes between RON 33,269 and RON 51,022.

What sort of work is it in a factory?

In factories, workers carry out a variety of tasks. Workers in factories may operate machines to produce a variety of goods. In addition, they might work on product assembly or sort, inspect, and pack things. This job is available in industrial settings.

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