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Food and Beverages Assistant Jobs in Ireland: Visa-Sponsored (EUR 16.80 per hour)

Food and Beverages Assistant Jobs in Ireland

Which hotel firm are you interested in working for? Would you like to work at one of the best five-star hotels in the nation? Do you want to be employed with The #1 Medium Great Place to WorkTM? Desire several benefits and opportunities for professional growth? When can you visit the Conrad Dublin?

This five-star hotel is a member of Hilton’s Luxury Collection. Their mission statement is to “offer smart luxury travelers inspiring connections & intuitive service in a world of style.” Assist the staff in setting up the counter before and after each service period at Lemuel’s Cocktail Bar and bringing food and drinks to the patrons.

The Conrad Dublin will assist you in obtaining a work permit if you satisfy all employment requirements since they are an equal opportunity company. Jobs as a waiter or food and beverage assistant with excellent benefits and visa sponsorship are available in Ireland. Continue reading to find out more about them, the daily responsibilities of this job role, and the requirements to apply for the position.


Ireland boasts vibrant towns and stunning scenery. There is a strong demand for trained personnel, such as waiters and food and beverage (F&B) assistants, due to the success of the hospitality sector. This article goes into considerable depth about how to obtain these positions, emphasizing the crucial role that visa sponsorship plays.

Qualities and Skills Required

  • Outstanding Communication Skills: Delivering first-rate customer service is essential. Hiring managers are looking for someone who can turn a meal into a memorable experience.
  • Expertise in Customer Service: Delivering first-rate customer service is essential. Hiring managers are looking for someone who can turn a meal into a memorable experience.
  • Ability to Work under Pressure: The sector requires individuals who can effectively manage stress because it operates swiftly and needs to provide prompt service even during peak hours.
  • Understanding of Food and Drinks: It’s critical to have a fundamental understanding of the menu, including the components and methods of preparation. It facilitates improved suggestion-making and question-answering for customers.
  • Teamwork and multitasking: F&B assistants and waiters frequently need to execute multiple tasks at once. For the firm to function as a whole, teamwork is essential.

Job Details

  • Job Country: UK
  • Industry: Food/Hospitality
  • Job Type: Food & Beverage Assistant
  • No Minimum Experience Required
  • Education Required: Basic English
  • No Age Limit
  • Visa Sponsorship and Relocation packages available
  • Employment Term: Temporary and Full-Time (Subject to Visa Extension)
  • Salary: EUR 16.8 per hour

Requirements for Food And Beverages Assistant Jobs

  • Foremost, a cheerful attitude.
  • Next, proficient in interpersonal communication.
  • Third, guarantee to deliver top-notch client support.
  • Also, excellent levels of grooming.
  • In addition, be able to adjust to various work environments.
  • Aside from that, able to collaborate or work alone.
  • Similarly, prior employment in the food and beverage industry.
  • Likewise, understand how to handle money.
  • Lastly, knowledge of the guidelines for food safety.

Job Duties

  • First, a kind and amiable attitude in welcoming visitors.
  • Second, receive consumer orders, fulfill them, and always provide excellent customer service.
  • Third, arrange tables and/or rooms.
  • Fourth, proceed as directed while managing currency.
  • Fifth, answer questions from visitors in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Also, to increase sales, use the newest departmental incentives.
  • In addition, verify that all business requirements are fulfilled.
  • Aside from that, aim to achieve the department’s objectives.
  • Besides that, ensure that workspaces are tidy.
  • Moreover, observe all health and safety regulations in addition to the hotel’s fire and security policies.
  • Furthermore, observe the local licensing requirements.
  • Similarly, recognize your surroundings
  • Above all, assist other departments when necessary and maintain cordial working relationships.

Benefits of Food And Beverages Assistant Jobs

  • Joining Hilton as an employee entails joining a multinational corporation with over 6200 properties worldwide. There are numerous advantages to working with Hilton, including:
  • For a fee, you can spend up to 30 nights a year at Hilton Hotels worldwide and receive 50% off food and beverages. Additionally, your loved ones can get up to 70 nights ofsavings.
  • In addition, the free, seven-day-a-week Team Member Gym is exclusively for team members.
  • Besides that, Conrad Teams members are eligible for discounts at many high-street retailers.
  • Additionally, for a wide range of positions and career trajectories, Hilton offers numerous learning and development plans. Additionally, they offer free access to LinkedIn
  • Learning and Harvard Manage for staff members. Mentor holidays consist of 30 days off (including bank holidays) and an additional day, up to a maximum of 5, for employees who have been with the company for a long period.
  • Similarly, paid parental and maternity leave available to eligible individuals
  • Lastly, free lunches are provided while on duty, and uniforms are provided.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Food And Beverages Assistant Jobs

Does working in Ireland require a work visa?

Yes, to work in Ireland, a foreign national must have a work visa

What role does networking play in Irish employment success?

Through networking, one can learn from professionals in the field and uncover undiscovered job chances.

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