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Graphic Designer Jobs in New York 2023/24 ($46,000 – $81,000 Annually)

Graphic Designer Jobs in New York

Working with a broad mix of UX, tech, product, and data specialists on a Product Delivery Team is what it means to be a Product Designer. Together with the team, you will design visually appealing tools that help our clients solve business problems. We work along with several Tier 1 financial institutions to provide web-based tools for KYC, AML, and maintaining sanctions lists. For people who wish to work in the FinTech or Big Data sectors, this position is ideal.

Job Duties

  • Foremost, take part in the entire process of designing a product, from coming up with the original concept to assigning project duties to developers and doing user testing.
  • Next, direct the creation of products and work in tandem with technical teams, product managers, and other business analysts.
  • In addition, throughout the design phase, keep the quality level high and make sure that the final designs exactly follow the design guidelines after they have been coded.
  • Besides that, make sure a precise estimate of the number of design tickets is established during the planning meetings.
  • Additionally, participate in and attend meetings for sketching with non-designers. Deliverables related to user interface design that need to be made, adjusted, and maintained include sketch files, style guides, micro-interaction specifications, high-fidelity prototypes, and pattern libraries.
  • Similarly, by creating testable hypotheses for each sprint and working with your team’s analysts to run moderated usability test meetings, you can make sure that design decisions are grounded in evidence.
  • Likewise, make sure your UIs are pixel-perfect and responsive, and keep in mind that classic interface patterns work better for the user experience than trying to create something entirely new.
  • Above all, during Show & Tell sessions, staff members can showcase their work to the entire organization.

Benefits of Graphic Designer Jobs in New York

  • Enhancement of Skills: Junior Graphic Designers have the opportunity to develop and enhance their graphic design skills, including but not limited to operating design software, typography, layout, and color theory.
  • Experience in the Real World: These jobs provide hands-on training in a professional design environment, allowing people to apply concepts learned in the classroom to realworld projects.
  • Forms of Creative Expression: Junior graphic designers are given the freedom to showcase their creativity and provide innovative ideas for design projects, which helps to create a collection of interesting and diverse portfolios.
  • Collaborative Work Environment: A prevalent feature of graphic design is working in tandem with other creative professionals, such as copywriters, marketing teams, and art directors. This collaborative environment fosters the growth of groups and the sharing of different perspectives.
  • Portfolio Building: To progress in their careers and draw in potential employers or clients, junior graphic designers must put together a portfolio of their work.
  • Availability of Mentorship Opportunities: Junior graphic designers can further their professional growth by participating in mentorship programs or taking advantage of opportunities to learn from more experienced professionals.
  • Use of Business Tools: Junior graphic designers are exposed to the equipment and settings of the professional world, which helps them become proficient in the software and tools that are often used in the business.
  • Project Diversification: Working on projects involving digital media, web design, branding, and marketing materials gives junior graphic designers a broad spectrum of experience.
  • Evaluations and Criticisms: Junior graphic designers can improve their skills and learn from constructive criticism by receiving regular evaluations and criticism from more seasoned designers or team members.
  • Networking in a Professional Environment: Junior graphic designers can network with pros in the field by working at design studios or agencies. This could lead to future opportunities.

Skill & Experience

  • Most importantly, have worked in the field of product design for at least three years.
  • Also, worked with Sketch, InVision, and Framer X design software before.
  • In addition, have experience working in an agile environment. Think of the project as being divided into two-week sprints.
  • Lastly, know how to use Confluence and Jira as part of a workflow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the US salary range for junior graphic designers?

Junior graphic designers in the US make between $27,560 and $81,320 a year, with a $46,900 median pay.

What is the lowest pay in the United States for a graphic designer?

In the USA, a graphic designer makes, on average, $50,020 a year, or $24.05 an hour. The starting salary for entry-level occupations is $39,000 annually, while the majority of experienced workers earn up to $75,177.

In the USA, is graphic design a viable professional path?

The BLS reports that the median yearly salary for web developers and digital designers is $78,300. With training in graphic design, two of the most rewarding jobs are web development and digital design, where the top 10% of performers make median salaries exceeding $166,000.

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