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Mechanic Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Kosovo for Foreigners (From $19 an hour)

Mechanic Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Kosovo

In 2008, Kosovo made the decision to declare its independence from Serbia, making it a relatively new nation. However, this nation holds a great deal of promise for businesses that are looking to develop their operations on a global scale. Kosovo has a large number of national parks, which is one of the reasons why it is such a popular trip destination for tourists and people who have relocated from other countries.

Where to find available jobs in Kosovo

Jobs are available in a variety of industries and sectors in Kosovo. Some of the industries with regular job openings are listed below:

  • Government and Public Sector: In Kosovo, there are a variety of popular jobs and high-demand industries that offer excellent career opportunities. Here are some of the most popular jobs in Kosovo:
  • IT and technology: Because of the country’s need for software engineers, web designers, IT project managers, network administrators, and cybersecurity specialists, IT professionals are in great demand in Kosovo.
  • Education: Civil, electrical, mechanical, and environmental engineering are among the engineering skills needed for Kosovo’s infrastructure development.
  • Healthcare and Medical Professionals: There is always a demand for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical experts, and healthcare administrators in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutions.
  • Business and Finance: Professionals in business and finance can find work in Kosovo’s commerce and finance sectors, including financial management, accounting, marketing, sales, and human resources.
  • Business and Finance: Education professionals are in high demand in schools, colleges, and universities, particularly for subjects such as English, mathematics, physics, and computer science.
  • Tourist and Hospitality: professionals are in high demand as Kosovo’s tourism industry grows. These individuals are required for jobs in hotel management, tourism marketing, tour guiding, event planning, and customer service.
  • Manufacturing and Industry: Language specialists and translators are in high demand for jobs such as translation, interpretation, and language coaching. Foreign language fluency, particularly in English, German, and French, is preferred.

These are just a few examples of in-demand jobs in Kosovo. It is critical to stay informed about current market trends and career opportunities through job portals, professional networks, and local employment agencies for the most accurate and relevant information.

Mechanic Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Kosovo

  1. Fitter

Responsibilities and duties:

  • Read and understand plans well.
  • Set up and arrange metal patterns to finish and use welding tools to heat, shape, and finish metal parts
  • Before you finish welding, use the prints to help you place the stiffeners, frames, face plates, and other parts.
  • Makes sure the workplace is safe and clean.
  • Hold the necessary shapes or places for welding by tack-weld, heat-bend, clamp, hold, or grind. Able to work well with others.
  • Knows how to use tools for measuring
  • Does other similar tasks as directed by management

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  1. Welder

Your contribution will be

  • Putting together steel structure parts according to a print or drawing picking the right welding tools for the part in question
  • Running a grinder to get welds ready and finish them
  • Beam rotators in use
  • Moving the operating beam
  • Using a magnetic drill
  • Full visual check of the part to make sure all the welds are in place, placed correctly, and within tolerance
  • Learn about the tools to find problems.
  • Does other similar tasks as directed by management

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Work Permit Types in Kosovo

Foreign nationals searching for work in Kosovo have a number of options. Several work permits may be available depending on the length and type of job. The following types of work permits are common in Kosovo:

  • Temporary Work Permit: This permit allows foreigners to work in Kosovo for a set period of time, usually up to a year. It is given out for labor contracts with a time constraint.
  • Seasonal Operate Permit: This permit is granted to foreign nationals who operate in areas like as construction, agriculture, or tourism on a seasonal or temporary basis throughout the year.
  • Short-Term Work Permit: This permit is for individuals who intend to work in Kosovo for a limited time, often up to 90 days. It’s commonly utilized for short-term projects, conferences, and business meetings.
  • Foreign nationals working in Kosovo on a long-term basis are eligible for a work permit. It is often awarded for contracts lasting longer than a year.
  • Permit for Highly Qualified Workers: This permit is for foreign nationals who have advanced degrees or extensive expertise in a certain field. Its purpose is to attract talented experts to Kosovo.
  • Self-Employment Permit: This permit allows foreign nationals in Kosovo to start and run their own enterprises. It is excellent for business owners and persons looking for freelance jobs.

It is critical to remember that each type of work permit may have various restrictions, application processes, and eligibility requirements. It is recommended to communicate with the proper authorities or seek expert counsel to ensure compliance with the most recent laws and instructions for acquiring a work permit in Kosovo.

Requirements for obtaining a work permit in Kosovo

The following are the usual prerequisites for obtaining a visa for entry into Kosovo:

  • An application form that has been duly filled and signed
  • A passport valid for at least six months after the applicant’s intended arrival date in Kosovo
  • A passport photo taken within the previous month
  • Proof that the applicant has travel medical insurance for their stay in Kosovo
  • Evidence shows the applicant has adequate financial resources to maintain himself in Kosovo.
  • Evidence indicating the applicant has a place to stay in Kosovo
  • Proof of payment of the visa fee

On a case-by-case basis, diplomats may request further documentation. Foreign nationals must submit proof of insurance and accommodation in Kosovo in order to receive a temporary residency permit. They will also be required to submit an approved police background check from their own country.

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