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Recruitment Agencies in New Zealand Providing Visa Sponsorship 2024

Recruitment Agencies in New Zealand

Job seekers come to New Zealand regularly from all around the world. This location attracts job seekers due to its growing job market, attractive pay scale, and relaxed immigration laws.

A tried-and-true strategy for finding work abroad is to search job sites for positions that allow foreign applicants and then apply online. Another prudent line of action is to initiate contact with worldwide employment specialized recruitment companies. While many recruitment companies in New Zealand assist job seekers, not all of them assist foreign candidates in acquiring work permits.

Are you hoping for a wealthy future and looking for work in New Zealand? You have now finished your job search. The top three international recruiting firms in New Zealand that help foreign candidates get work visas and offer a wide variety of employment opportunities in different job categories will be covered in this post.

What Can You Anticipate From Recruitment Agencies in New Zealand?

In addition to helping job searchers and employers connect, recruitment firms in New Zealand play a major role in the GDP growth and general development of the nation. A corporation that employs too few people may find that its performance suffers overall. According to reports, 82% of New Zealand businesses are having trouble finding eligible applicants for available positions.

A recruiting company in New Zealand will offer thorough, step-by-step instructions through the full procedure for someone looking for work who is not from New Zealand. This will remain the case from the time your job application is first reviewed until you are let go from your new job in that nation. They will answer any questions you may have about immigration in connection with your work visa for New Zealand.

They will also make sure that you have no trouble integrating into the Kiwi society and that your workplace is comfortable for you.

Top 3 Foreign Recruitment Agencies in New Zealand

Both foreign nationals and locals can apply for the jobs on this list.

  1. Recruitment and Beyond

Most people agree that one of the best job agencies in the New Zealand metropolitan area is Beyond Recruitment. Their wide range of clients includes businesses in the public and private sectors of the economy. In the following areas of specialization, Beyond Recruitment has a strong history of hiring foreign nationals for a variety of roles.

Customer Services

  • Construction
  • Technology, Transformation & Digital
  • Accounting, Finance & Financial Services
  • CX, Sales, Marketing & Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Engineering & Technical
  • Operations & Supply Chain

Beyond Recruitment works with immigration industry professionals to provide overseas job seekers with the best support and solutions for employment-related issues, such as obtaining work visas.

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  1. CC Staffing

People looking for work abroad have another strong option available to them: CC Recruitment (CCR). This employment agency is looking to add to its team by hiring talented people from other nations so that it can provide top-notch service to its clients in New Zealand. CCR has successfully paired over 1,200 suitable candidates with New Zealand-based enterprises through its placement and recruitment services.

In New Zealand, there are plenty of job opportunities in these fields for foreign nationals sponsored by a work visa.

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Other Industries

CCR provides its services in seven simple steps to International Skilled Workers.

  • Application
  • Screening
  • Interviews
  • Nomination
  • Documentation and Contracts
  • Visa Approval
  • Settlement Support

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  1. JTLP Administration & Recruitment

According to its official statement, JTLP classifies itself as a “Domestic and Overseas Recruitment Specialist” operating within the borders of New Zealand. JTLP is a reputable company in New Zealand’s overseas employment services industry. Their principal objective is to alleviate the current labor shortage in the New Zealand labor market by bringing in highly qualified candidates from around the world. They will be able to accomplish their goal.

International hiring for these vocations is JTLP’s area of expertise.

  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Trades and services
  • Nursing and Caregiving
  • Dairy Farming
  • Culinary services
  • Finance
  • Horticulture
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Office Support

JTLP helps foreign skilled workers obtain work permits by offering support and assistance. The JTLP Team also handles work permits and other aspects of employment, including applications, interviews, and job offers.

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What Are The Fees for NZ Recruitment Agencies?

International candidates seeking employment in New Zealand are not required to make any monetary donations to be given consideration, according to the Employment Rules of New Zealand. This raises the possibility of employment offers going to foreign candidates.

The employer who makes the initial employment offer is in charge of all related costs, including the “job placement fee,” “work visa fee or other immigration fees,” “medical and health insurance,” “air ticket and accommodation,” and so on.

Benefits of Recruitment Agencies in New Zealand

  • Access to a Wide Talent Pool: Hiring organizations aggressively seek applicants with a variety of backgrounds, skills, and experiences. Employers may be able to access a greater pool of competent workers as a result, increasing the variety and skill level of their workforce.
  • Understanding of Immigration Regulations: Recruiting firms that focus on sponsoring visas are often familiar with immigration laws and can offer companies and applicants assistance with the complex visa application procedure. This degree of experience ensures that legal requirements are met.
  • Recruiting Efficiency Process: Recruiting firms expedite the recruiting process by verifying qualifications, screening applicants beforehand, and doing interviews.
  • Employers may therefore be able to devote more time and resources to their core business functions.
  • Reduced recruitment costs: While some agencies may charge for their services, doing so can lower the total cost of the hiring process. Using agencies helps cut down on the expenses related to screening, advertising, and conducting interviews.
  • Accurate Placement: Recruiting agencies ensure that jobs are filled promptly by streamlining the hiring process. Employers that need to quickly fill important positions or have urgent personnel needs may find this option very helpful.
  • Detailed Candidate Profiles: Employment agencies create thorough candidate profiles that include relevant details including qualifications, experience, and abilities.

Throughout the hiring process, this information helps businesses make educated decisions.

Additional Benefits of Recruitment Agencies

  • Handling Skill Shortages: Like many other countries, New Zealand may have a skills deficit in some industries. Recruiting companies can aid employers in solving these shortages by facilitating contacts with qualified overseas individuals.
  • Increasing visibility: People who use recruiting agencies make themselves more visible in the job market. With their often vast network of employers at their disposal, agencies may often find possibilities for suitable people, some of whom even sponsor visas.
  • Assistance for Job Searchers During the Visa Application Process: Recruiting firms can guide and support foreign job seekers through the visa application process. This involves ensuring the necessary paperwork is submitted on time and in the correct sequence.
  • Long-Term Workforce Planning: Employers can create long-term workforce planning plans with the aid of recruitment companies. This involves determining the talent requirements, assessing skill gaps, and creating hiring strategies, especially in industries where specialist labor is highly sought after.

Final Thoughts on Recruitment Agencies

The vast range of career alternatives available to foreign workers in New Zealand allows them greater vocational flexibility. If they are living in New Zealand and fit the requirements, they can get help from any of the many foreign recruitment companies that are there The good news is that there will be no financial obligations of any kind, in any way, form, or capacity. In addition to covering the cost of getting a work visa, your company in New Zealand will also pay for your housing and other living expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions about Recruitment Agencies

How can I obtain employment sponsorship in New Zealand?

Be a business, incorporated society, or charity trust that is registered in New Zealand. Clearly state how its actions relate to the reason it is sponsoring your visit to New Zealand.

Permit a contact person to act on their behalf and handle your sponsorship.

Without a job offer, how can I obtain a work visa for New Zealand?

An “open” work visa enables its holder to work in New Zealand for any firm. These kinds of work visas are only available to certain candidates who apply under the following categories, and they do not require an offer of employment at the application stage: Programs for working holiday visas.

Does New Zealand currently grant work visas?

An application for a post-study work visa can be made by anyone who has completed an appropriate qualification in New Zealand. If your visa is approved, you can work virtually any job in New Zealand for any firm.

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