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University of Lyon is offering master’s scholarships  for international  students. The scholarships are offered for pursuing any one of the following  programme: Nanoscale Engineering, ADMIRE Master’s Degree, Altervilles  Master’s Degree and AlterEurope Master’s Degree program.  The scholarships  up to 400 euros or 800 euros / month will be awarded for a  10-month period depending to the applicant’s file.  The application deadline vary according to the program.

Study Subject(s): The scholarships are offered to study any one  of the following master program: Nanoscale Engineering Master’s Degree, ADMIRE  Master’s Degree, Altervilles Master’s Degree and AlterEurope Master’s  Degree. Course Level: The scholarships are available for pursuing  master degree at University of Lyon. Scholarship  Provider: University of Lyon Scholarship can be taken  at: France

Eligibility:  The scholarships are offered for foreign students  having a high-level academic record and willing to join one of  Master’s  degree programmes.

Scholarship Open for International Students: The international  students can apply for the scholarships.

Scholarship Description: You are student and look for a high-level  Master’s degree programme, innovative and internationally-oriented for Research  and private sectors? You wish to benefit from the cutting-edge research and  innovative potential in France and in the Rhône-Alpes Region? For the 2013/2014  academic year, the University of Lyon is offering scholarships for foreign  students having a high-level academic record and willing to join one of Master’s  degree programmes.

Duration of award(s): Scholarships are awarded for a 10-months  period.

What does it cover?  The scholarships up to 400 euros or 800 euros / month depending to the applicant’s file will be  awarded.

How to Apply: The mode of applying is online.

Scholarship Application Deadline: For Nanoscale Engineering  Master’s programme : The application deadline is July 1, 2013 for  candidates who are nationals of the European Economic Area and May 31, 2013 for  all other applicants.  For Altervilles Master’s programme : the  application deadline is May 31 2013.  For AlterEurope Master’s  programme : the application deadline is June 15th 2013. For Master’s programme :  application deadline for candidates who are nationals of the European  Economic Area is May 24th.

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