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McDonald Fellowships

Transforming Dreams into Discoveries

McDonald Fellowships for Multiple Sclerosis Research Overview

For international students, McDonald Fellowships are fully financed fellowships. Both master’s and PhD degrees are eligible for these awards. The fellowship includes a two-year stipend for about £30,000 GBP per year to cover living and travel expenses, as well as an additional £2,000 GBP per year payment to the host university.

Early-career researchers studying multiple sclerosis from low- and middle-income nations can work abroad in a research facility thanks to the McDonald Fellowship.

After receiving the award, we anticipate that recipients will be able to continue their MS research and/or patient treatment in low- and middle-income nations by utilising their newly acquired knowledge and networks.

McDonald Fellowships
McDonald Fellowships

Unlocking the Doors to MS Research Excellence

The McDonald Fellowships offer a unique platform for scholars to explore and contribute to the field of MS research. This remarkable opportunity encompasses various aspects that make it an educational experience like no other.

Scholarship Summary

The McDonald Fellowships beckon passionate scholars at the master’s and Ph.D. levels to embark on an enriching journey into the world of Multiple Sclerosis research. Here’s a glimpse of what this opportunity entails:

    • Level of Study: Masters, Ph.D.
    • Institution(s): McDonald
    • Study in: The program offers flexibility, allowing scholars to conduct their research in either a neighboring country or their home country.
    • Opportunity Focus Areas: The focus is on the dynamic and vital field of Multiple Sclerosis.

The program extends over a span of two years, providing ample time for scholars to immerse themselves in their research endeavors and make substantial contributions to the understanding and treatment of MS.

The flexible study locations cater to the diverse needs and preferences of participants, ensuring that scholars can engage in research within an environment that suits them best.

Scholarship Coverage

One of the distinctive aspects of the McDonald Fellowships is the comprehensive scholarship coverage provided to recipients. Scholars can pursue their research dreams with financial peace of mind, thanks to the following benefits:

    • Financial Support: A generous stipend of £30,000 GBP per year is awarded to each fellow, covering living expenses and travel costs.
    • Institute Support: Recognizing the importance of fostering research environments, each fellow’s institute also receives support in the form of £2,000 GBP.
  • Eligibility Criteria for McDonald Fellowships

To be considered for the McDonald Fellowships, aspiring scholars must meet specific eligibility criteria:

  • Language Proficiency: Proficiency in the English language is required to participate in this program.
  • Eligible Countries: The program is open to international students from low or middle-income countries.

In addition to these general criteria, candidates must:

  • Be enrolled as master’s students, Ph.D. candidates, or MD students.
  • Be actively engaged in research related to Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Demonstrate a cumulative academic score of 3.00 or higher in their bachelor’s degree.
  • Have not received any previous scholarships or financial assistance from other entities.
  • For those in employment, the Master’s degree scholarship is available without the monthly allowance.

How to Apply for McDonald Fellowships

Applying for the McDonald Fellowships is a straightforward process, guided by the following steps:

  1. Complete the Online Application Form: Candidates are required to fill out all sections of the online application form to initiate the application process.
  2. Supporting Statement: The host institute plays a crucial role in the application process. They must provide a supporting statement at the end of the application, emphasizing the value and potential of the proposed research.
  3. Referee Details: Applicants should include the names and contact details of three referees, one of whom must be their current supervisor or employer.
  4. Reference Letters: Referees are requested to submit reference letters on behalf of the applicants to [email protected] before the application deadline.

The McDonald Fellowships stand as a beacon of hope for scholars passionate about advancing our knowledge of Multiple Sclerosis. With their generous financial support, commitment to research excellence, and dedication to nurturing future leaders, these fellowships open doors to a world of possibilities.

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