Money required for Ireland Immigration Process on Work VISA Job in 2024

Funds Required for Ireland Immigration Process on Work VISA Job in 2024
Funds Required for Ireland Immigration Process on Work VISA Job in 2024

Dreaming of settling in the emerald landscapes of Ireland in 2024? Whether you’re enticed by its vibrant cities, rich history, or scenic beauty, moving to Ireland on a work visa with a high paying job offer in hand involves some financial planning. So, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you understand the costs involved, from applying for jobs in Ireland with work visa to making this big move swiftly in 2024.

Applying for Jobs in Ireland With Variety of Irish Work VISA Types

Before you even think about moving, you need to secure a job. You can use Ireland’s skill shortage reports (here) to find out which jobs are in high demand. Once you manage to get a job offer, the Irish immigration office will facilitate you by providing one of the following Irish work visa types:

    1. Critical Skills Employment Permit: This permit is for highly skilled individuals in occupations listed on the Critical Skills Occupations List. It offers benefits like a fast-track processing time and a pathway to long-term residency.
    2. General Employment Permit: This permit is for occupations not on the Critical Skills List but still in demand in Ireland. It requires a job offer with a minimum salary threshold.
    3. Intra-Company Transfer Permit: This permit allows multinational companies to transfer employees from their overseas branches to their Irish operations.
    4. Contract for Services Permit: This permit is for individuals coming to Ireland to provide specific services under a contract with an Irish company.
    5. Sport and Cultural Employment Permit: This permit is for individuals with exceptional talent in sports or cultural fields.
    6. Exchange Agreement Permit: This permit facilitates work and cultural exchange programs between Ireland and other countries.

Irish Work Visa Application Fees Estimates

Once you’ve secured a job offer, the next step is applying for an Irish employment visa whereas its fees vary depending on the type of work visa and your nationality. Typically, you can expect to pay:

    • Work Visa Application Fee: €60 – €100
    • Legal or Agency Fees: If you choose to use an immigration consultant, fees could range from €500 to €1,500.

Initial Accommodation and Living Expense in Ireland (Estimates)

Finding a place to live is one of the first steps after arriving. You’ll typically need to pay a deposit (usually equivalent to one month’s rent) and the first month’s rent upfront. Rental prices vary significantly depending on the location, with Dublin being notably more expensive than other regions. For instance:

    • Dublin: €1,800 – €2,500 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.
    • Cork: €1,200 – €1,800 per month.
    • Galway: €1,100 – €1,700 per month.

Whereas the living expenses in Ireland can be high, particularly in urban areas as per this report ( And here’s a breakdown of average monthly costs:

    • Food: €250 – €400
    • Transportation: €100 – €150 (monthly public transport pass)
    • Utilities: €100 – €150
    • Healthcare: Varies; private health insurance is mandatory and can cost around €1,000 – €1,500 per year.
    • Miscellaneous: €200 – €300 (entertainment, dining out, etc.)

Bank Statement Funding Required for Irish Work VISA in 2024

When applying for a work visa, you will need to provide bank statements as proof of financial stability. Typically, you need to show bank statements for the past 6 months, demonstrating consistent income or savings to cover your living expenses in Ireland.

    • Up-to-date: Statements should be recent (within the last 3 months).
    • Official: Must be on official bank letterhead and stamped or signed by the bank.
    • Translated: If not in English, certified translations are required.

Additional Cost Possibility for Immigrating to Ireland

    • Family Members: If you’re bringing family members, account for their visa application fees, living expenses, and health insurance costs.
    • Savings: It’s advisable to have savings to cover unexpected expenses or income fluctuations.

Estimating the Total Costs to Immigrate to Ireland in 2024

Here’s a rough estimate of the minimum amount you might need:

  • Job Search Expenses: €200 – €500
  • Work Visa Application and Legal Fees: €560 – €1,600
  • Initial Accommodation (first month + deposit): €2,400 – €5,000 (depending on the city)
  • Living Expenses (first month): €650 – €1,000
  • Health Insurance (annual): €1,000 – €1,500
  • Travel Expenses: €300 – €800

Total Estimated Costs: €5,110 – €10,400.

Written by Team Educads

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