Muslim Law and Jurisprudence Paper, 2004

Table of Contents

Attempt Five Questions in all ,including question No.8 which is compulsory. All questions carry Equal marks.

Q1- Discuss briefly the Fundamentals of Islamic Law of Succession in the Eight of Quran and Sunnah.

Q2- Under what circumstances the mother is not entitled to the custody of her minor children?

Q3- What is meant by acknowledgement of Paternity in Islamic Law? What are the valid conditions for such an acknowledgement?
Q4- Is analytical deduction (Qiyas) more important than consensus of opinion (Ijma)? Whatever your answer discuss in detail?

Q5- What are the qualifications of a competent witness for testifying? Discuss the status of a woman as witness.

Q6- What are the ingredients of a valid contract under the Islamic Law?

Q7- What are the traditional sources of Revenue of an Islamic State?


8. (A) Write only Yes/No in Answer Book. Don’t reproduce the question.

1. Cyprus is the mortgaging of property.
2. Wakf of Musha for a Mosque is valid.
3. Do the Sunni Muslims belong principally to the Hanfi School.
4. Al-Quran is the primary source of Islamic Law.
5. The estate of the decesead person devolves on his heirs at the moment of his death.
6. A life estate can be created by “Wakf” under the Islamic Law.
7. “True Grandfather” means a male ancestor between whom and the deceased of a female intervenes.
8. Hiba-bil-Ewaz is a sale in reality.
9. A gift made by a Muslim during Marzul-Maut takes full effect.
10. The father has a right to custody of a minor son aged five years.

(B) Write only correct answer in the Answer Book. Don’t reproduce the questions.

11. Muqayada is:
a. Sale of goods for goods
b. Sale of goods for money
c. Sale of money for money

12. Mubaqala means:
a. Sale of dates on tree in consideration for plucked dates
b. Sale of Wheat in ears or of a foetus in the womb
c. Sale in which price was paid in advance

13. Ibadat are:
a. Attornments
b. Acts of devotion pure and simple

14. Ghasib (Usurper)
a. Who takes or keeps the thing without permission of the owner
b. Who holds the goods on behalf of others
c. Who takes the property on lease?

15. Treaty is:
a. An agreement concluded between a Modarba Company and its share holders
b. An agreement concluded by a Muslim Head of State with non-muslim or other Sovereign states
c. An agreement between the partners of a firm

16. Will means:
a. Testamentary disposal of testor’s property to take effect after his death
b. Acceptance of a future obligation
c. Accepting a bill of exchange

17. Dower means:
a. Property given to the bride by her parents
b. Amount of money agreed to be paid by the bridegroom to the bride as a consideration of the marriage contract

18. Qazi means:
a. An Imam Masjid
b. A teacher of Islamic Fiqh
c. Judge appointed by the State to perform judicial duties

19. A marriage with woman in Iddat is:
a. Void
b. Irregular
c. Valid

20. Representation-Principle of:
a. Representing the case of a client by a Council
b. Rule of Inheritance under the Islamic Law
c. Choose a person as a member of the legislative assembly

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