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Pacific Master’s Research Scholarship 2024 at Massey University Opens for Applications


Are you thinking about studying for a master’s degree? Massey University in New Zealand has a special scholarship just for students like you. It’s called the Pacific Master’s Research Scholarship, and it’s here to help students who want to do research as part of their master’s degree. This scholarship gives you money to help pay for your studies and supports students from different backgrounds, including Māori and Pacific students. It’s a great chance to get the financial help you need and to do research that matters. If you’re excited about learning and researching more in your field, keep reading to find out how this scholarship can help you at Massey University.

Why should I choose the Massey University Pacific Master’s Research Scholarship for my studies?

Choosing the Massey University Pacific Master’s Research Scholarship is a smart decision for several reasons:

  1. Financial Help: This scholarship offers up to $15,000 if you’re doing a big project (120-credit thesis) or $10,000 for a slightly smaller one (90-credit thesis). This money can really help pay for your tuition and other study costs, making university life a bit easier for you.
  2. Support for Your Research: If you’re excited about diving deep into a topic and discovering new things, this scholarship is perfect. It’s specially designed to help students who want to focus on research during their Master’s degree.
  3. Open to Many Students: Whether you’re studying full-time or part-time, and no matter what subject you’re interested in, this scholarship is available for a wide range of students. It’s also especially supportive of Māori and Pacific students, making sure everyone gets a fair chance.
  4. Recognition of Your Hard Work: Getting this scholarship means your hard work and good grades are recognized. It’s something to be proud of and can look great on your resume.
  5. Part of a Diverse Community: Massey University values diversity, and by getting this scholarship, you’ll be part of a community that celebrates different cultures and backgrounds.
  6. Flexible Application: There’s no strict deadline, but applying early is always better. This flexibility allows you to plan and prepare your application without rushing.

In short, this scholarship not only helps with the financial side of studying but also supports your passion for research and learning. It’s a great opportunity to further your education at Massey University and be part of a supportive and diverse community.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Student Status: You must be an international student coming from outside New Zealand to study.
  2. Enrollment at Massey University: You should be enrolling for the first time in a Master’s degree course at Massey University. This means you haven’t studied in a Master’s program at this university before.
  3. On-Campus Study: You need to plan to study on-campus, as online students usually aren’t eligible for this scholarship.
  4. Academic Excellence: You should have excellent academic records. This means good grades and possibly other achievements in your previous studies. They want to see that you’re a hardworking and smart student.
  5. Research Component: You must be enrolled or planning to enroll full-time or part-time in a 90 or 120 credit research course of a master’s degree. This means your Master’s degree should include a significant research project, like a thesis.

Fields of Study:

The Massey University Pacific Master’s Research Scholarship is available for students pursuing a Master’s degree. This includes those enrolled in either a 120-credit thesis (full-time) or a 90-credit thesis (full-time or part-time). So, the degree level targeted by this scholarship is the Master’s level, specifically for students involved in significant research projects as part of their postgraduate studies.

Benefits of Scholarship:

  • For Full-Time Students Enrolled in a 120-Credit Thesis: The scholarship offers $15,000 to assist with tuition fees and other related academic expenses.
  • For Full-Time Students Enrolled in a 90-Credit Thesis: The scholarship provides $10,000, which is also aimed at covering tuition and related costs.
  • Pro-Rated for Part-Time Students: If you’re enrolled part-time, the scholarship amount will be adjusted accordingly. This means you’ll receive a portion of the full-time amount, calculated based on the number of credits you’re enrolled in.

Application Procedure:

  1. Check Your Eligibility:
    • Before anything else, make sure you meet all the scholarship’s eligibility criteria. This includes being an international student, enrolling in a research-focused Master’s program, and demonstrating academic excellence.
  2. Enroll at Massey University:
    • If you haven’t already, you’ll need to apply for and be accepted into a Master’s program at Massey University. Remember, you must be enrolled or eligible to enroll in a 90 or 120 credit research course of a master’s degree.
  3. Gather Required Documents:
    • Prepare all necessary documents. This typically includes your academic transcripts, a detailed research proposal, proof of your achievements, and any other documents that showcase your academic and research abilities.
  4. Complete an Application to Enrol (For New Students):
    • If you’re new to Massey University, you’ll need to complete an Application to Enrol before you can apply for the scholarship. This application is not a commitment to study but is necessary to proceed with the scholarship application.
  5. Access the Scholarship Application:
    • For new students: Once you’ve completed the Application to Enrol, you’ll gain access to apply for scholarships.
    • For current students or those with a Waikato account: Log in to your MyWaikato account, navigate to the ‘Scholarships’ tab, and select the scholarship you wish to apply for.
  6. Fill Out the Scholarship Application Form:
    • Carefully fill out the online application form available on the University’s official website. Ensure all information is accurate and complete.
  7. Submit Your Application:
    • Review your application to ensure everything is correct and complete. Then, submit your application before the closing date. Remember, while there’s no strict deadline, it’s better to apply early.
  8. Wait for the Decision:
    • After you submit your application, it will be reviewed by the University Scholarships Committee. This process can take some time, so be patient.
  9. Notification:
    • You will be notified of the committee’s decision. If you’re awarded the scholarship, you’ll receive further instructions on how to accept it and any conditions you need to meet.

Additional Tips:

  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on any emails or updates from Massey University regarding your application.

Why does the Massey University Pacific Master’s Research Scholarship exist?

The purpose of the Massey University Pacific Master’s Research Scholarship is really important. It’s there to help students who want to do a big research project as part of their Master’s degree at Massey University. Here’s why this scholarship exists:

  1. To Help with Money: University can be expensive, especially when you’re doing a lot of research. This scholarship gives students money to help pay for their studies so they can focus on their research without worrying too much about the cost.
  2. To Support Research: Massey University thinks research is really important and wants to encourage students to explore and discover new things. This scholarship helps students who are excited about researching and learning more in their field.
  3. To Welcome Everyone: The scholarship is especially for students from Māori and Pacific backgrounds but is open to all international students. It’s a way to make sure students from different places and backgrounds can come and study at Massey University.
  4. To Find the Best Students: The scholarship is also a way to find students who are really good at what they do. It’s for students who have done well in their previous studies and have great ideas for their research.

Who Chooses the Winners and Rules for the Massey University Scholarship?

  1. Decision Makers (Selection Committee):
    • A group known as the University Scholarships Committee is in charge of deciding who receives the scholarships.
    • Their decision is the final one.
  2. Rules to Follow (Conditions):
    • The scholarship money is given in four parts over the year, but you need to be doing well in your studies to keep receiving it.
    • You must start your research project by the dates they tell you.
    • If your grades drop or if you break any of the university’s rules, you might lose the scholarship.
    • You can have this scholarship along with others, but the total amount you get from all scholarships can’t be more than $25,000 each year.

Application Deadlines for the Scholarship:

  • If you plan to start your research in May, make sure you apply for the scholarship by 15 February 2024.
  • If you’re going to begin your research in September, you should apply by 1 July 2024.