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2013 PhD Scholarships for international students at IMT Institute in Italy.  Applications are open to candidates without regard to nationality, age, gender  or religion. Proficiency in English is compulsory as research and teaching are  conducted in English.36 Scholarships are offered of 13,638.47€  /year.Applicants are evaluated by the selection committee of the program in  which they intend to register on the basis of their prior performance and  professional promise, as evidenced by their academic record and any other  pertinent data they submit. Application should be submitted till July 17,  2013 at 6:00 pm (Italian time).

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are provided for  courses offered by IMT Institute in Italy. Course  Level: This scholarship is available for pursuing PhD  degree level at IMT Institute in Italy. Scholarship  Provider: Institute for Advanced Studies,  Italy. Scholarship can be taken at: Italy

Eligibility: Applications are open to candidates without  regard to nationality, age, gender or religion. Proficiency in English is  compulsory as research and teaching are conducted in English. No knowledge of  Italian is requested.

Scholarship Open for International Students: The  International students can apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship Description:

IMT Institute

Admission  to IMT’s PhD program is competitive on an international level, with evaluation  mainly focusing on past academic performance (grades) and scientific relevance  to the selected track. First and foremost, however, certain basic formal  requirements must be met before candidates are eligible to apply. Namely,  applicants must have completed and obtained a degree equivalent to at  least 4 years of university studies. (Students in their final year  of undergraduate study may be admitted on the condition that their bachelor’s  degree is awarded before they enroll at IMT.)

Number of award(s): 36 Scholarships are  offered.

Duration of award(s): Scholarship is offered for  3 years.

What does it cover? 36 positions are covered by  scholarships in the gross amount of 13,638.47€ /year. -A limited number of  additional positions without scholarships may also be offered. -All Ph.D.  students will have tuition fees waived. -Ph.D. students who are granted a  scholarship have free accommodation in shared double rooms in the School  residence halls (with the exception of students whose permanent residence is  within 30km of (IMT). -All Ph.D. students will have free access to the  canteen services. -All Ph.D. students are covered by insurance against any  accident and/or injury that may occur while carrying out their Ph.D.  activities.

Selection Criteria: Applicants are evaluated by the  selection committee of the program in which they intend to register on the basis  of their prior performance and professional promise, as evidenced by their  academic record and any other pertinent data they submit. While high academic  achievement does not guarantee admission, IMT expects such achievement or other  persuasive evidence of professional promise. Candidates will be evaluated on the  basis of their academic background, skills and scientific value with reference  to the subjects of the interdisciplinary program, and their general aptitudes to  research. The selection committee will also assess the relevance of any  publications, the suitability of the research project or motivation letter and  any additional special qualifications, educational activities and /or  participation in research groups or projects. The selection committee reserves  the right to propose that the applicant be considered, interviewed for or  admitted to another track/curriculum it deems appropriate in addition to or  instead of that to which the candidate has applied.The selection procedure will  be carried out in two phases: -Assessment of all the applications admitted  through the online procedure: The short-list of candidates admitted to the  interview will be published on the website and on the Online Notice Board of IMT  on September 10th, 20132.Interview: Once short-listed, applicants will be  required to participate in a comprehensive interview in English in order to  assess their aptitude for research in the track/curricula for which they have  applied, as well as their English proficiency. The interviews will take place  from September 23thto September 27th, 2013. Candidates admitted to the interview  must confirm their participation by email to  phdapplications-at-imtlucca.itwithin 48 hour so publication of the shortlist.  According to the mode by which the Candidates wish to be interviewed, the  interviews could be conducted as follows: -At IMT headquarters in Lucca. In  this case, candidates will be provided with free accommodation, if available  (travel expenses are not covered). -Via videoconference or through any other  procedure allowing visual contact with the candidates and viewing of their  identity document (candidates must show identification before the interview  begins). -At an Italian Embassy/Consulate. In this case, the candidate must  provide IMT with the contact details of the relevant Italian Embassy/Consulate.  Before the interview, the Embassy/consulate staff will proceed with an  identification verification of the candidate.

Notification:  Not Known

How to Apply: Applicants must fill out the online application form and attach the required documents by July 17, 2013 at 6:00 pm  (Italian time). All Candidates are invited to read carefully the Application  guidelines, available on IMT website inside the application procedure section.  This document provides guidance on filling out the different sections of the  application form:- In order to apply, applicants must first submit their  personal data: Applicants will then receive a confirmation e-mail containing a  password and basic instructions for the submission procedure. -The first  time applicants access their account, they will be requested to choose the  Track(s) and the Curriculum (if applicable) to which they wish to apply. While  not mandatory, information and attachments marked Optional are most welcome, as  they enable the Admissions Committee to evaluate candidates comprehensively.  Data and documents entered into the application form are the sole responsibility  of the applicant. In the event of false declaration(s), the applicant will not  be allowed to enroll in the Ph.D. Program at IMT.

Scholarship Application  Deadline: The application deadline is July 17,  2013 at 6:00 pm (Italian time).

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PhD Scholarships ,International Students ,IMT Institute ,Italy is a scholarship.

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. If you are a you are eligible for PhD Scholarships ,International Students ,IMT Institute ,Italy .

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This scholarship will fund following degree level:

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is(are) participating in PhD Scholarships ,International Students ,IMT Institute ,Italy.

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