Political Science paper 2,2004

Table of Contents


1. Comparatively discuss the La\v-making process in the Parliament of Britain and Congress of United States.

2. Write down the election of the American President.

3. The French politics is not as liberal as the Frenchmen claim. Discuss it in the light of the working of the French Political System.


4. Examine the role of Islamic Consultative Assembly in shaping politics in Iran.

5. Critically .evaluate role of political parties in Turkey.

6. Write down variables by which political culture has not developed in Pakistan.

7. Coalitional government have made Indian democracy fragile and crucial. Substantiate.


8. Write only the correct answer in the Answer Book. Do not reproduce the question.

(1) Who wrote the following books: (6)
(a) Pakistan. The Heart of Asia
(b) Jinnah of Pakistan
(c) Bush at War
(d) The End of India
(e) Laste Days of British Raj in India
(f) Muslim Separatism in India

(2) Write down the title of the Constitution of Pakistan. (1)

(3) How many are the articles in the un-amended Constitution of 1973:
(a) 208
(b) 320
(c) 280
(d) 289
(e) None of these

(4) How many articles were changed in the 8lh amendment:
(a) 100
(b) 89
(c) 90
(d) 70
(e) None of these

(5) Name One Judge who represented Pakistan in the Red Cliff Commission: (1)

(6) What these initials stand for: (5)
(a) DGPR
(b) IPRI
(c) IRSA
(d) Ex-Com
(e) LFO

(7) Name the President during whose tenure Americans were kept hostages in Iran: (1)
(a) Reagan ‘
(b) Ford
(c) Jimmy Carter
(d) Clinton
(e) None of these

(8) Downing street is known for: (1)
(a) One. of the palaces of the Queen
(b) Parliament House
(c) Residenceof the Prime Minister
(d) ‘Office of the Speaker of the» House Commons.

(9) Statue of Li pert v was given to USA by: (1)
(a) Britain
(b) France
(c) Canada
(d) Italy
(e) None of these

(10) Kamal Ata Turk was the: (1)
(a) King
(b) Prime Minister
(c) President
(d) Khalifa of Turkey
(e) None of these

(11) Demarcating Constituencies for election of the members of the Congress is known as __________.


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