Public Administration Paper, 2004

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NOTE: Attempt five questions in all including question no. 8 which is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.

1. “Public Administration is detailed and systematic application of law. Every particular application of law is an act of administration”. (Woodro Wilson) Discuss the scope of public administration in the light of above statement.

2. “The administrative accountability of the public services is done under two heads that is internal and external control in Pakistan. Elaborate these in detail.

3. “The administrative leadership needs three bases to e securely build up namely personal, political and institutional”. Do you agree with this statement? Explain.

4. What is deficit financing and deficit budgeting? Is deficit financing is a boon or curse. Discuss.

5. Describe the scope of personnel administration with special reference to aristocratic system of personnel administration.

6. What is administrative planning? Explain it in the light of personnel and techniques.

7. Write in detail the main hindrances of effective communication. Can these be remedied?


8. Write only correct answer in the answer book. Do not reproduce the question.

(1) The connection between the politics and public administration is:
a) Politics seeks to deal controversial issues and public administration is the means whereby decisions are implemented.
b) The politicians and administrators do not share unique partnership.
c) Public administrator indulges in party politics.
d) Administrators having strong political conviction, they cannot pursue a carrier of public servant.
e) None of these

2. How the Role of public administration is determined by the people or Government? Can it be a
a) The civilization fails means the breakdown of public administration.
b) Modern democracy can perform this job well.
c) Moral conviction is vital for its role.
d) Social and economical developments are more feasible than any branch of government.
e) None of these

3. Human Relations is the study of the people in action that is:
a) The people work in a team spirit or not.
b) Social factors are equally important besides technical.
c) Human aspect’s ignorance is at management’s risk
d) Human’s dignity is inseparable from human relations.
e) None of these

4. Management improvement is possible by systematic theory if:
a) Investigator helps the decision-maker in solving problem.
b) Systematic theory identifies with operation research.
c) Defence problem’s programming is done smoothly.
d) It ascertains the future performance.
e) None of these

5.The bureaucracy has certain characteristics that are:
a) It is hero or villain or form of social organization.
b) It has pathological tendencies.
c) It has a specialized structure of the nation.
d) It is indispensable in modern country.
e) None of these

6. Bureaucracy is seen as corruptible or otherwise:
a) Bureaucracy is essential and necessary evil.
b) Bureaucracy’s role as a pariah or savior.
c) Bureaucracy is suspected politically.
d) If bureaucracy fails, it is accused as pariah.
e) None of these

7. Administrative leadership’s character inspires confidence when it uses:
a) Force and bargain to achieve goals.
b) Bases adequately built up
c) Leader must become the servant of the people
d) Leader must possess professional ethics.
e) None of these

8. Administrative accountability must be accompanied by:
a) If power is not abused.
b) If Ombudsman is independent and non-partisan.
c) If it brings home through legislature.
d) It can be achieved through responsible government.
e) None of these

9. Judicial control can achieve administrative accountability successfully if:
a) Rule of law is strictly followed.
b) Judicial process should not be cumbersome.
c) Judicial process should be easy and approachable.
d) Administrative action must be under judicial review.
e) None of these

10. Planning and its technique is common to all human activity such as:
a) Unity of programme and timeliness of programme.
b) Peoples following is necessary for successful plan.
c) Planners require reliable data for success.
d) Coordination is must in viable planning.
e) None of these

11. How can effective planning be made meaningful:
a) If it has management support
b) Its objective must be clearly defined.
c) Its feasibility standards mush show wisdom
d) It provides valuable learning experience.
e) None of these

12. Public corporation is the innovation of 20th century. The basic features are:
a) Public corporation is a corporation by courtesy
b) It is created for particular purpose.
c) It is the result of Government’s entry into business.
d) It has virtue of business management.
e) None of these

13. Mechanistic theory is formal structure of organization. Its functions are:
a) Drawing up plan for large-scale enterprises
b) It does not tally with realities.
c) It s the result of Government’s entry into business
d) A human problem requires human solution.
e) None of these

14. The organization is the act of designing administrative structure. It requires:
a) The determination of what activities are necessary.
b) No engineering approach to achieve goal.
c) Staff for managing it.
d) The allocation of functions and responsibilities to individual.
e) None of these

15. Centralization and decentralization are the problems of relationship between higher and lower levels of government. They can be solved by:
a) Introduction of local bodies in the country.
b) Solving territorial and functional problems
c) Solving the jurisdictional disputes.
d) Active determination of external factors between the two
e) None of these

16. Zero-base budgeting evaluates current and new activities and programs which solve:
a) The governmental programs in detail.
b) The risks involving decision-developing and ranking packages.
c) The organizational services programs.
d) The basic developmental issues.
e) None of these

17. The civil services of Pakistan have become a caste by themselves involving public criticism such as:
a) They are legacies of British colonial rule
b) They have lowered the quality of national life.
c) They have breeded corruption and inefficiencies.
d) They have become professionally incompetent.
e) None of these

18. Communication is a crucial element in administration and felt by:
a) As the heart of management.
b) As it makes administrative procedure smooth.
c) As it is the nerve centre of administration.
d) As it is the blood stream of the organization.
e) None of these

19. Co-ordination is the removal of conflicts from the organization by:
a) Securing co-operation and team work
b) Securing organizational goals
c) Securing harmonious organization
d) Removing overlapping and working cross purposes.
e) None of these

20. The Public Services of Pakistan can be made worthwhile if:
a) Young men and women are recruited on merit.
b) They are not used for political ulterior motives.
c) They are trained in nationalistic spirit and religious values
d) They must be awarded equal opportunity of advancement.
e) None of these

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