Public Relations, Purpose and Functions

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Every thing that is calculated to improve mutual understanding between organizations and to whom it contact with in and out side organization (stakeholders) is called public relation. Public relation department in an organization focuses on building a good image of department in general public and more specifically before the stockholders. It is basically an action to discover and eliminate sources of misunderstanding. Methods for removing confusion among the minds of people are adopted. Steps are taken to broaden sphere of influence of an organization by appropriate publicity, advertising, exhibition etc.
Every thing directed toward improving communication between people and organization can be regarded as public relation.

Public relation is not:

  1. a barrier between the truth and public as advertisement some times becomes.
  2. a propaganda to impose a point of view regardless of truth, ethics and the public good
  3. Publicity aimed directly at achieving sales.
  4. composed of stunts or gimmicks
  5. unpaid advertising
  6. merely press relation

Public relation in the central and local government is non political. It is to promote democracy and not to advance the policy of any party.

Practical application:

  • as positive step to achieve good will
  • as action to safeguard reputation
  • for strengthening internal relationship of organization

Pre requisite of effective public relation:
Public relation is device to create and maintain effective relation between institutions and public.
Following are the imperatives of effective public relation:

  • There should be full time department of PR.
  • The PR Deptt. Should be aware of it environment and prevailing circumstances.
  • The PR deptt. Should identify the audience clearly to whom message is to be given.
  • Deptt. Should be aware of the problems and interest of public.
  • PR Deptt. Should be objective and clear about their aims.
  • Selection of best medium of mass communication
  • Evaluate the results carefully
  • Public relation officer shall be expert in his job i.e. well versed, vigilant and well educated.

Purposes of PR:

  • To achieve good will
  • To minimize the opposition
  • To maintain the reputation
  • To create mutual understanding


  1. organization management
  2. relationship between an organization and public
  3. Monitor inside and outside org.
  4. Analysis of impact of organizational policies, procedures and actions on public.
  5. adjust policies and procedures if in conflict with public interest
  6. counsel management on establishment of new policies

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