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Queen Margaret University offers up to 15 competitive international  scholarships to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the academic year  beginning September 2013. These scholarships are worth £2,000 to £5,000 each for  new international students. These scholarships are granted as a reduction of the  tuition fee and cannot be used as payment towards any deposit required for  programme. Applications can be made by students who have received an offer of a  place of study at the university. Application should be submitted till  31st May 2013.

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are provided for  courses offered by Queen Margaret University in UK at undergraduate or  postgraduate degree level. Course  Level: These scholarships are available for pursuing  undergraduate or postgraduate degree level at Queen Margaret University in  UK. Scholarship Provider: Queen Margaret University,  UK Scholarship can be taken at: UK

Eligibility: The scholarship is granted as a reduction of  the tuition fee and is available to students who are self-funding with an  international tuition fee of more than £8,000 for a single year of study only.  Applications can be made by students who have received an offer of a place of  study at the University.

Scholarship Open for International  Students: International students can apply for these  scholarships.

Scholarship Description: The University usually has a number  of scholarships available for September and January start courses. They are  pleased to offer up to 15 competitive scholarships of £2,000 each for new  international students undertaking their first year of study on an undergraduate  or postgraduate degree in the academic year beginning September 2013.

Number of award(s): Up to 15 competitive  scholarships are offered.

Duration of award(s): Scholarship is  payable for a single year of study only.

What does it cover? Total offer is of £2,000 to £5,000 each for new international students undertaking their first year of study  on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the academic year beginning  September 2013. The scholarship is granted as a reduction of the tuition  fee.

Selection Criteria: Not Known

Notification: Applicants will be notified of a decision  by within six weeks of the specified closing date.

How to Apply: Completed Application Form should be sent via post.

Scholarship Application  Deadline: The application deadline  is 31st May 2013.

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What is the funding type for QMU,Undergraduate ,Postgraduate Scholarships,UK
QMU,Undergraduate ,Postgraduate Scholarships,UK is a scholarship.

Who is eligible for QMU,Undergraduate ,Postgraduate Scholarships,UK?:
. If you are a you are eligible for QMU,Undergraduate ,Postgraduate Scholarships,UK .

What degree level courses are available under this scholarship?:
This scholarship will fund following degree level:

What subjects are available under QMU,Undergraduate ,Postgraduate Scholarships,UK :
Students are allowed to study : .

Which Universities are participating in QMU,Undergraduate ,Postgraduate Scholarships,UK? :
is(are) participating in QMU,Undergraduate ,Postgraduate Scholarships,UK.

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