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Shamyl Riaz Malik (PSP) 39th Common: CSS Tips


Shamyl Riaz Malik

39th Common, (PSP)

Jahangir’s World Times

Please tell us about yourself, educational background and achievements in detail.

I am a son of an army officer. I did my matriculation and intermediate from Army Public School and College, Karachi. Afterwards, I joined SZABIST and completed my BBA (Hons.) as well as MBA in Human Resource Management. Besides doing business studies, I also worked as Investigation Officer in the National Accountability Bureau. My hobbies are listening music, watching movies, reading, socializing and play station. After appearing in the CSS-exam 2010, I got my desired group i.e. PSP (Police Service of Pakistan) thanks to Almighty Allah.

What strategy did you adopt for the preparation of CSS exams? 

Obviously, my first step was to select the optional subjects which I opted after a thorough analysis and by keeping in view my academic background, aptitude and interest. I did not follow the full syllabus but focused only on past papers, jotting down all the topics and questions and then made my own notes. Actually, I consulted at least three books per subject. So, I first covered optional subjects and then compulsory subjects. Once done with making notes and having all the required weapons in my arsenal, I launched my full fledged preparation along with prayers. After that I started the revision process and never looked back and went ahead for the exam.

What type of guidance one should seek to achieve such a remarkable success like yours? 

Well, every successful CSS candidate has a unique success story based on exceptional inspirations to attain the coveted goal. I think the candidate himself is the best guide. Therefore, I believe if one is determined, passionate and is willing to succeed then one can find the way to the desired destination. For beginners I would say that they should take guidance from CSS qualified seniors, subject specialists, internet and I would say JWT itself is the best guide for the fresh aspirants.

Did you prepare yourself or from any academy if not then how did you manage to get this high position? 

No, I did not join any academy. I thoroughly researched the whole CSS process therefore; I tried to take the command on my subjects. In fact, consistent hard work, determination and will to succeed are the key ingredients for success in CSS; studying in academy does not matter at least in my opinion. Actually, I convinced myself that failure is not an option for me. I used to pick a question randomly from any past paper and solve it on blank papers. Moreover, I also avoided the use of fancy words instead wrote the answers in simple readable English. I did not overuse quotations, poetry, diagrams, idioms; jargons etc because in my opinion such things are only wastage of the time and create confusions. Hence, the most important factor in my success is prayers.

What did you prefer books or notes; what should be prepared and how?

Well books and notes both are important. The best course of action is that one should prepare his own notes. One must consult at least three different sources for preparing an answer to a particular question and also search the Internet for your answers. I suggest that one should prepare three types of notes for a particular question. That is; full length notes, short notes (only headings and main points in bullet form) and code notes (code words for headings and main points). Now as far as preparations of notes is concerned it is very simple, first give thorough reading to the gathered material then note down the definition, background, relevant facts and figures and practical implications related to the topic.

What are the steps for the preparation of CSS Exams especially English Essay and Composition paper? 

Steps include subject selection, notes making, revision, solving past papers and getting them checked by a professor or subject specialist.

To prepare for essay, read, as much as you can, variety of topics and read from different sources like newspaper editorials, articles, magazines, books, internet etc. Then write as much as you can and always practice writing on blank papers.

For writing a good essay, just stick to the basics which are solid but brief outline covering all the aspects of topic, reasonable opening and a sound conclusion. Paragraphs must be equal in length, cohesive and one paragraph must deal with one topic at a time. The opening words of a paragraph must match the words in outline.

For Précis and Composition paper, prepare and solve the last 10-20 past papers.

What sort of combination should students opt for the optional subjects? 

I believe one should go for those subjects that one finds interesting, enjoyable and easy to prepare but also considering the scoring trends. Unlike compulsory subjects, optional subjects give very high marks. Therefore, one needs to be very careful with selecting the right kind of combination.

What are the ways to get higher marks in written and interview? Also mention your written and interview scores.

Neat handwriting, organized and fine presentation with adequate knowledge of the given topic and command on the subject is required to score high in the written part of the exam. Time management is important too, while objectives part also plays a key role in enhancing the score.

Interview is all about presence of mind, confidence, body language, eloquence and knowledge. Focus on all these necessary areas to score high marks in the interview.

I scored 626 marks in written and 204 marks in the interview.

How many months and daily hours are required for CSS preparation? 

Every successful candidate of CSS has his/her own unique study timetable. For me it took around three months for note-making, and three to four months for memorizing, practice and revision. Initially I used to study for 2-3 hrs but as the exams drew nearer I poured over my notes and books with intensity greater than ever before. I studied for 10-12 hrs daily in last month before the exam.

What are the general problems of CSS candidates in Sindh Urban? Give your personal point of view? 

Candidates in Sindh Urban lack awareness and inspiration. Another problem is dearth of good and credible academies. Lack of proper guidance and access to right kind of study material is a major issue that I have observed in Sindh Urban candidates. Secondly, brilliant students are easily absorbed in the corporate sector there. Hence, many bright candidates are filtered out in Sindh Urban every year.

Do you believe in ‘Luck Factor’ in CSS-exam? 

Yes I do. I believe clearing the CSS exam and securing desired allocation depends on combination of different factors. It includes smart work, determination, prayers, luck, opportunity, self-confidence and faith in Allah Almighty.

What is so special in Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) that you opted for this group?

Everything is special about PSP. I believe PSP is a lifestyle rather than a group or service. Among all occupational groups, PSP has the highest social recognition. In addition, it has uniform, action, thrill, guns, guards and salutes. PSP is the toughest and most demanding yet a rewarding service. It has one of the fastest promotion tracks. A PSP officer can provide instant relief and justice to the common man. My aptitude and background also helped me in determining PSP as my first preference.

Being a PSP, how would you maintain the law & order especially in Karachi? 

My ultimate priority as a police officer is to serve and protect my fellow countrymen. I will follow my job description, abide by the law and do whatever I can within my scope and available resources to subdue criminals and maintain law & order.

Any other thing, which you want to tell?

I want to share a dialogue from “Dhuwan” drama that … “Achay halaat mai to sab kaam kr letay hai lekin pata to chalta hai jab admi buray halaat may bhi sahi kaam kray”

Therefore, never blame circumstances and do what you must for your country and fellow citizens.

Any Message 

Seek your Lord’s (Almighty Allah’s) help, mercy and blessings. Believe in yourself and have blind faith in Allah’s help. Inshallah success will be yours in the exams. And also remember:
“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” (Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist)

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