STP of District Management Group

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STP of District Management Group

The Special Training Program for the DMG is carried out at the DMG campus at the Mall road in nearly the same building as that of the National School of Public Policy. Incidentally, the Director General of the CSA and that of the DMG campus is the same individual. The duration for the STP is 10 months followed by 4 months of field attachment. The STP comprises both academic and extra-curricular activities.
The academic activities consist of the following course modules:
· Laws: Criminal, Civil, Constitutional, Land and Miscellaneous laws.
· Local Governance: Local laws, Local budgeting and finance.
· Urban Planning and Development: Slums, Trafficking, etc.
· Public Policy analysis: Economic Analysis and Cost Benefit Analysis.
The routine at the STP of DMG comprises extra-curricular activities as well. One has to get up at 5 in the morning and get ready for horse riding. There are driving classes available for the probationers as well. Tennis and squash facilities are also available. Moreover, there is also the availability of temporary membership at the Lahore Gymkhana for the probationers under training at the STP in order to build confidence in the probationers.

What is the funding type for STP of District Management Group
STP of District Management Group is a scholarship.

Who is eligible for STP of District Management Group?:
. If you are a you are eligible for STP of District Management Group .

What degree level courses are available under this scholarship?:
This scholarship will fund following degree level:

What subjects are available under STP of District Management Group :
Students are allowed to study : .

Which Universities are participating in STP of District Management Group? :
is(are) participating in STP of District Management Group.

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