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University of Auckland Announces 2024 ASEAN High Achievers Scholarship in Latest News


If you’re from an ASEAN country and looking to study in New Zealand, the University of Auckland’s ASEAN High Achievers Scholarship could be your ticket. Started in 2022, it’s designed to help students like you join undergraduate or postgraduate programs at the University. This scholarship doesn’t just help with your school fees; it’s a sign that the University sees you as a top student. They choose winners based on your past school success and your application. So, if you’re ready for an adventure in learning at a university with students from all around the world, this scholarship might be just what you need. Keep reading to find out more about how to apply and what you can gain from it.

Why should I choose the University of Auckland ASEAN High Achievers Scholarship?

Choosing the University of Auckland ASEAN High Achievers Scholarship is a great idea for a few reasons:

  1. Helps with Money: First, it offers up to $10,000 to help pay for your school. This means you can worry less about how to pay for your classes and focus more on studying and enjoying your time at university.
  2. Shows You’re Awesome: Getting this scholarship is like getting a gold star. It means the University thinks you’re a really good student. This can make you feel proud and might even help you in the future when you’re looking for a job or more study opportunities.
  3. For Many Students: Whether you’re just starting university or going back for more study, this scholarship is open to you. It’s also specially for students from ASEAN countries, so it celebrates where you’re from.
  4. Flexible Application: You don’t have to rush to apply. There’s no strict deadline, but it’s still a good idea to apply early. This gives you time to make your application as good as it can be.
  5. Be Part of a Diverse Group: The University of Auckland has students from all over the world. By getting this scholarship and studying there, you’ll meet lots of different people and learn about many cultures.

So, if you want some help paying for school, to be recognized for your hard work, and to study in a cool place with people from everywhere, this scholarship is definitely worth considering!

The Degree Level for the Scholarship is as follows:

  1. Undergraduate Level:
    • This scholarship is available for students who are starting their first degree at a university, often called a bachelor’s degree. It’s for students who have finished high school and are moving on to higher education.
  2. Postgraduate Level:
    • It’s also available for students who are going for a higher level of study after completing their first degree. This includes Postgraduate Diplomas (PGDip) and master’s degrees. These are usually for students who want to specialize more in their field or get a higher qualification.

The financial benefit of the University of Auckland ASEAN High Achievers Scholarship includes:

  • Tuition Fee Contribution: The scholarship provides up to $10,000, which goes towards covering your compulsory tuition fees for the academic year. This can significantly reduce the amount you need to pay out of your own pocket for your education.

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Application Procedure:

Here’s how the selection process for the University of Auckland ASEAN High Achievers Scholarship works, explained in simple points:

  1. Submitting Applications:
  2. Review by the Selection Committee:
    • A special group of people, called the Selection Committee, looks at all the applications. They check out your grades, what you’ve done before, and everything else you’ve told them about yourself. They’re trying to find the students who deserve the scholarship the most.
  3. Final Decision by the University Council:
    • After the Selection Committee decides which students they think should get the scholarship, they tell their decision to the University of Auckland Council. This Council is a group of important people at the university who make big decisions. They look at the Committee’s recommendations and then make the final decision on who gets the scholarship.

How to apply:

Scholarship applications will usually open around six weeks before the closing date. Please read the regulations carefully to be sure you are eligible before you apply.

Application Deadlines for the Scholarship:

The deadlines for the University of Auckland ASEAN High Achievers Scholarship are as follows:

  1. For Semester One Intake:
    • Applications close on 21 November of the year preceding the award. This means if you’re planning to start your studies in the first semester of the upcoming year, you need to submit your application by this date.
  2. For Semester Two Intake:
    • Applications close on 18 April of the year of the award. If you’re aiming to begin your studies in the second semester, make sure your application is in by this mid-April deadline.

For more detailed information and to apply for the University of Auckland ASEAN High Achievers Scholarship, please visit the official website: University of Auckland Scholarships.