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University of Manchester GREAT Scholarships 2024 in UK


The University of Manchester is presenting the GREAT Scholarships 2024, an exciting opportunity for international students pursuing one-year master’s programs in the UK. These scholarships, with a minimum sponsorship of £10,000, are part of a collaborative effort between the university, the British Council, and the GREAT Britain Campaign. Aimed at facilitating world-class education, this initiative spans 72 UK universities. In this overview, we’ll delve into the details of the GREAT Scholarships 2024 at the University of Manchester, covering eligibility criteria, application procedures, and English language requirements for prospective postgraduate students.

Why I Choose University of Manchester GREAT Scholarship?

  1. Financial Support: The GREAT Scholarships at the University of Manchester provide a substantial financial boost, with a minimum sponsorship of £10,000. This support significantly eases the financial burden of pursuing a master’s degree.
  2. World-Class Education: The scholarship offers an opportunity to access world-class education at one of the prestigious universities in the UK, known for its academic excellence and research contributions.
  3. Diversity of Courses: The University of Manchester provides a diverse range of courses, allowing me to choose a master’s program that aligns with my academic and career goals. This flexibility is crucial for personal and professional development.
  4. Global Recognition: Being part of the GREAT Scholarships initiative, the program is recognized globally, enhancing the value of the degree and opening doors to international opportunities in the future.
  5. Partnership with GREAT Britain Campaign: The collaboration between the University of Manchester and the GREAT Britain Campaign signifies a commitment to promoting quality education and cultural exchange, creating a rich and supportive learning environment.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Studying at a renowned institution like the University of Manchester provides networking opportunities with professionals, academics, and fellow students from diverse backgrounds, enriching my overall learning experience.
  7. Enhanced Career Prospects: A master’s degree from the University of Manchester, supported by the GREAT Scholarship, enhances my career prospects, making me more competitive in the global job market.
  8. Contributing to Academic Excellence: Choosing this scholarship means becoming part of a community that values academic excellence and contributes to cutting-edge research, providing a platform for personal and intellectual growth.

Degree Level:

The GREAT Scholarships at the University of Manchester are for master’s degree programs.

Scholarship Benefits:

  1. Financial Assistance: Minimum sponsorship of £10,000 for successful applicants.
  2. Educational Opportunity: Access to pursue one-year master’s programs at a prestigious institution.
  3. Global Recognition: Association with the GREAT Scholarships initiative, providing global recognition.
  4. Diverse Fields of Study: Opportunity to choose from a range of master’s programs aligned with individual interests and career goals.
  5. Collaboration with GREAT Britain Campaign: Partnership with the GREAT Britain Campaign, contributing to a supportive and culturally enriching learning environment.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Engagement with professionals, academics, and peers from diverse backgrounds, fostering valuable connections.
  7. Career Enhancement: Improved career prospects with a master’s degree from a reputable institution.
  8. Commitment to Excellence: Being part of a community that values academic excellence and contributes to cutting-edge research.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Educational Background: Applicants should typically not have studied in the UK before, unless the prior study was at the University of Manchester.
  2. Academic Excellence: Applicants must demonstrate high academic achievement, particularly with strong scores in undergraduate studies.
  3. Additional Requirements: Covering aspects such as academic achievements, completion of the application process, and meeting course-specific criteria.

English Language Proficiency Requirement for Master Degree at University of Manchester 2024:

  1. IELTS: Overall score of 6.5, with no less than 6.0 in each component.
  2. TOEFL iBT: Overall score of 90, with minimum section scores of 20.
  3. PTE Academic: Overall score of 59-65, with at least 59 in each component.
  4. CAE/CPE: Specific grades required.
  5. Duolingo English Test: Accepted, with variable program-specific standards.

Exemptions may apply under certain conditions, such as being a native English speaker or having a degree from an English-speaking institution.

Application Procedure of Scholarship:

The application procedure for the GREAT Scholarships at the University of Manchester involves the following steps:

  1. Choose Your Course: Pick a master’s degree program you’re interested in from the University of Manchester’s list of courses.
  2. Submit Your Application: Follow the guidelines provided by the university to submit your application for the Great Scholarship.

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Application Deadline:

The deadline to apply for the GREAT Scholarships at the University of Manchester is April 26, 2024.