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UPEACE Masters Fellowships 2013-14

UPEACE Masters Fellowships 2013-14, University of Peace, Costa Rica

In an effort to provide opportunities to those interested in undertaking  studies in any of the MA’s of the University, UPEACE has created the  UPEACE Fellowships. This opportunity can be taken by students interested in all our Masters Programmes.

Deadline: 31 July 2013


The UPEACE Fellowships consists in ten full-waiver of tuition for  students from all over the world, who are qualified to be admitted at  the University. The students chosen for this fellowship will be asked,  as an academic requirement, to collaborate within the University in  different tasks for three hours a day. The tasks will vary and will be  assigned according to the qualifications and interests of the student.

The students would only need to cover:

  • Travel expenses
  • Living expenses
  • Graduation, transportation (campus commute) and student temporary residence fees and government fees

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For questions please contact: [email protected]

Required supporting documents to be uploaded:

  1. English Proficiency Test Scores Report (TOEFL, IELTS)
  2. Statement of Purpose
  3. Letters of Recommendation
  4. Official Undergraduate Transcripts and Copy of Diploma
  5. Curriculum Vitae or Résumé
  6. Financial Form
  7. Copy of Passport
  8. Passport size photo

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