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Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship

Fully Funded PhD Fellowship & Research in United States Politics

Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship Overview:

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship stands as the distinguished graduate fellowship provided by the Darden School of Business, the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, and the Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowshipwas launched in 2000 with the sole purpose of identifying and funding outstanding scholars at top institutions across the country who are completing dissertations in U.S.history, politics, public policy, and foreign relations.

Without consideration of financial need, Jefferson Fellowships aim to pinpoint exceptional Ph.D. and M.B.A. candidates who exhibit remarkable accomplishments and immense potential as academics, educators, public servants, and corporate trailblazers both nationally and internationally.

Upon acceptance, Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship are entrusted with advancing educational excellence, intellectual vitality. Established to attract exceptional individuals to the University of Virginia, the program seeks those who wish to utilize their talents for the greater good of both the university and the global community.

This fellowship will provide $25,000, an office, stack access, inter-library loan privileges, internet access, the opportunity to present a paper in Hagley’s seminar series, and use of Hagley’s discounted scholar’s accommodations.

Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship
Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship


Level of Study:PhD

Institutions: Jefferson Scholars Foundation

Courses Offered:
— Business
— Politics

Program Period: Three academic years

Application Deadline: February 01

Scholarship Benefits:

Under the guidance of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship Program:

  • Provides funding for up to four National Fellows annually for dissertation research and writing.
  • Grants each Fellow a stipend of $25,000 in the first year, with a potential increase to $35,000 in the second year.
  • Matches each Fellow with a distinguished senior scholar in their field who acts as a Mentor. These mentors assist in shaping research, offering critiques, and providing overall guidance.
  • Assists Fellows in establishing collaborative research networks focused on their areas of expertise, engaging scholars, mentors, faculty, and graduate students.
  • Offers training in skills essential for leadership in academic research, higher education, and policy-making, including grant writing, data analytics, and public engagement.

Eligibility for Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship Program:

Candidates from numerous countries are eligible to apply, provided they are Ph.D. candidates who will complete their dissertations or have a viable two-year write-up plan. Non-U.S. citizens are also eligible.

Funding Information:

  • Each Fellow receives a stipend of $25,000 in the first year.
  • Fellows may qualify for a stipend increase to $35,000 in the second year.

Application Materials:

The application process requires:

  • Applicant information sheet
  • Project description (1,200 words)
  • Research plan (500 words max)
  • Network proposal (1,200 words max)
  • Op-ed or blog post (750 words max)
  • Statement of interest in professional development (500 words max)
  • Bibliography (3 pages)
  • Curriculum vitae (2 pages)
  • Writing sample (40 pages max)
  • Two letters of recommendation

Application Procedure for Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship:

Prepare the required materials in accordance with the specified word or page limits:

  1. Complete the applicant information sheet.
  2. Craft a project description (limited to 1,200 words) where you outline your dissertation or book, state your thesis, elucidate its contribution to existing scholarship, and expound on your decision-making process in choosing this topic.
  3. Provide an op-ed or blog post (maximum 750 words) that either demonstrates a published op-ed, similar to those found in publications like the New York Times, or presents a sample op-ed or blog post, akin to those seen on platforms like This piece should apply a significant discovery from your research to a current public policy issue.
  4. Compile a bibliography spanning three pages.
  5. Prepare a concise curriculum vitae not exceeding two pages.
  6. Submit a writing sample, limited to a maximum of 40 pages. You can select a chapter from your dissertation, accompanied by a one-page introduction that contextualizes the chapter within the broader project. Alternatively, you may submit an accepted or published journal article.
  7. Arrange for TWO letters of recommendation. One of these letters should come from your advisor.

Elevate your research, expand your impact, and join a community of exceptional scholars. For inquiries, email [email protected].

By adhering to these steps, you can successfully apply for the Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship.

To Apply: Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship

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