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13 Cyprus Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS Requirement


Are you a student looking for a chance to study abroad without having to worry about the cost? The Cyprus Scholarships 2024 offer various opportunities for students from around the world. These scholarships in Cyprus include full funding or significant reductions in tuition fees, making it easier for you to access a high-quality education and enjoy a diverse cultural experience on this beautiful European island.

Here are four great reasons to consider studying in Cyprus in 2024:

  1. Beautiful Island: Cyprus is a stunning place to study, with its picturesque landscapes and inviting atmosphere.
  2. Scholarships Available: The Cyprus Scholarships 2024 make it easier for international students to afford their education.
  3. No IELTS Required: You don’t need to take the IELTS exam to apply for these scholarships, which simplifies the application process.
  4. Quality Education: Cyprus offers top-notch education and a diverse cultural experience, making it an attractive choice for students from around the world.

1. Bypassing the IELTS Roadblock: In a significant move, Cyprus universities have waived off the mandatory IELTS requirement for 2024 admissions. Alternative English proficiency tests like PTE, Duolingo DET, TOEFL, or CELPIP are acceptable. With teaching mediums in English, Greek, and Turkish, the educational experience in Cyprus is truly international.

2. Cyprus allows students to work part time: Post its induction into the EU, Cyprus now allows international students to engage in part-time work. After residing for six months, students can work up to 20 hours per week, offering a chance to gain work experience and manage living expenses, which are approximately 927 EUR per month, including rent.

3. Living in Cyprus is affordable for Students: Worried about living costs? With an estimated monthly expense of around 927 EUR (including rent), Cyprus is surprisingly affordable. And if you snag on-campus accommodation, you’re looking at even lower expenses.

4. Cyprus offers Scholarships: Winning a fully-funded scholarship in Cyprus could mean waving goodbye to financial worries. These scholarships usually cover tuition, accommodation, a stipend, travel allowances, and sometimes even health insurance.

Fully-funded Cyprus Scholarships in 2024:

Let’s dive into the details of each scholarship, helping you find the one that aligns with your academic journey.

1# Cyprus International Institute of Management Scholarships

  • Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  • Fields: Finance, HR, Public Policy, Business Administration
  • Funding: Seven fully-funded scholarships and 50 partially-funded scholarships with up to 50% tuition fee waiver
  • Selection Criteria: Academic excellence, personality, interview performance

2# Dean’s Awards by the Cyprus Institute

  • Level: Ph.D.
  • Fields: Environmental Sciences, Atmospheric and Computational Sciences
  • Funding: Full tuition and bench fees coverage, monthly stipend, and one-time airfare
  • Additional: IELTS and GRE scores required for eligibility

3# University of West Scotland Scholarships (North Cyprus Branch)

  • Level: Masters
  • Funding: Tuition fee waiver of up to 75%
  • Selection Criteria: Based on the overall academic profile

4# University of Nicosia Scholarships

  • Level: Full-time students
  • Funding: Academic merit scholarships, financial aid assistance, athletic scholarships, work-study programmes
  • Additional: IELTS not required

5# Doctoral Scholarships at the University of Cyprus

  • Level: Doctoral
  • Fields: Political and Social Sciences
  • Funding: Monthly stipend, additional grant for international research trips
  • Additional: IELTS not required

6# University of Cyprus Scholarships

  • Level: Ph.D. and Master’s
  • Funding: Full and partial scholarships, including tuition fees and annual stipend or 50% tuition fee coverage
  • Selection Criteria: Based on academic merit

7# University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) Scholarships

  • Level: BSc
  • Field: Mathematics
  • Funding: Partial tuition fee waiver for top ten candidates

8# Cyprus University of Technology Scholarships

  • Level: Masters and Ph.D.
  • Funding: Social Support Scholarships, Academic Excellence Scholarships
  • Additional: Funded by tuition fees revenue and other sources

9# Neapolis University Scholarships

  • Level: Bachelor’s
  • Field: Civil Engineering
  • Funding: Tuition fee waiver (10% to 50%)
  • Selection Criteria: High school performance in Mathematics and Physics

10# University of Cyprus Merit Scholarships

  • Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  • Funding: Merit-based scholarships, amount varies

11# Frederick University Entrance Scholarships

  • Level: Various
  • Funding: 20% to 50% tuition fee reduction
  • Selection Criteria: Based on academic merit and other criteria

12# Stavros Niarchos Foundation Scholarships

  • Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  • Funding: Full tuition, living expenses, and travel costs
  • Eligibility: For Greek and Cypriot students

13# A.G. Leventis Foundation Scholarships

  • Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  • Funding: Full tuition, living expenses, and travel costs
  • Eligibility: For Cypriot students studying in the UK and Europe

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Each of these scholarships offers a special chance to explore higher education in Cyprus. Whether you’re passionate about environmental science, aspiring to be a mathematician, or dreaming of becoming a business pioneer, these scholarships provide access to top-notch education and a diverse learning environment.