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Government of Austria ITH Scholarships 2024


In 2024, the Austrian government is offering fully-funded Master’s scholarships. This is good news for students from developing countries who want to learn more about tourism and hospitality. These scholarships cover all the costs, so you don’t have to worry about money.

This program takes place at the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management in Salzburg, Austria. It’s known all around the world for its high quality. What’s special about it is that it focuses on teaching the people who will become leaders in the tourism and leisure industry in the future. So, if you’re interested in these subjects and want to learn from the best, this opportunity might be just what you’re looking for.

What are the main reasons for your choice of this scholarship program in tourism and hospitality?

  1. Financial Support: I chose this scholarship because it provides full financial support for my Master’s degree. Being from a developing country, this scholarship ensures that I can pursue higher education without the burden of financial constraints.
  2. Quality Education: The program is hosted by the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management in Salzburg, which is highly respected worldwide. This means I’ll receive a top-notch education that will significantly enhance my knowledge and skills in the field of tourism and hospitality.
  3. Career Opportunities: This scholarship aligns perfectly with my career goals. By studying in a renowned institution and gaining expertise in tourism and hospitality, I’ll be well-prepared to become a future leader in the industry. This will open up numerous career opportunities and help me make a positive impact in this field.

In summary, my choice of this scholarship is based on the financial support it offers, the opportunity to receive a high-quality education, and its potential to advance my career in the tourism and hospitality sector.

Eligibility Criteria of ITH Scholarship:

  1. Targeted Applicants: The scholarship is intended for students hailing from developing countries.
  2. Age Range: Applicants should fall within the age bracket of 18 to 35 years.
  3. Work Experience: Candidates are required to have a minimum of one year of prior experience in the tourism and hospitality industry.
  4. English Proficiency: Proficiency in the English language is a prerequisite, and this can be verified through standardized tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  5. Focus Area: The scholarship program is specifically designed for individuals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in international tourism and hospitality management.

Benefits of ITH Scholarship:

This Austrian ITH scholarship generously covers the full tuition fees and provides monthly pocket money of €205, health insurance, and a travel allowance. However, students are responsible for their accommodation costs, flight tickets, and visa fees and a summary of it is available below:

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Tuition: Full tuition fees are covered.
  • Stipend: Monthly pocket money of €205.
  • Insurance: Health insurance is included.
  • Travel Allowance: Provided to cover travel costs.

Tips For a Successful ITH Scholarship Application:

Certainly, here are some tips to help you submit a successful scholarship application:

  1. Start Early: Begin your scholarship search and application process well in advance. Many scholarships have early deadlines, and starting early gives you more time to prepare a strong application.
  2. Read Instructions Carefully: Pay close attention to the scholarship’s eligibility criteria, application requirements, and guidelines. Follow instructions meticulously to ensure your application is complete and meets all the requirements.
  3. Tailor Your Application: Customize your application for each scholarship you apply for. Highlight your relevant achievements, experiences, and goals that align with the specific scholarship’s objectives and criteria.
  4. Strong Personal Statement: Write a compelling personal statement or essay. Be authentic and express your passion, aspirations, and how the scholarship will help you achieve your goals. Use concrete examples to illustrate your points.
  5. Letters of Recommendation: Choose recommenders who can provide insightful and positive recommendations. Ensure they are familiar with your academic or professional accomplishments and goals.
  6. Proofread and Edit: Carefully proofread your application materials for grammar, spelling, and clarity. Consider asking someone else to review your application for errors and clarity.
  7. Meet Deadlines: Submit your application well before the deadline. Late applications are typically not considered. Keep track of multiple scholarship deadlines if you’re applying to more than one.
  8. Highlight Achievements: Showcase your academic, extracurricular, and community achievements. Include awards, honors, leadership roles, and relevant volunteer or work experiences.
  9. Show Impact: Explain how the scholarship will benefit not only you but also your community, institution, or field of study. Demonstrating the broader impact of your education can make your application stand out.
  10. Financial Need (if applicable): If the scholarship is based on financial need, provide accurate and detailed information about your financial situation. Be honest and transparent.
  11. Stay Organized: Create a system to keep track of all your scholarship applications, deadlines, and required documents. This prevents any last-minute rush or missed opportunities.
  12. Seek Feedback: Ask teachers, mentors, or advisors to review your application materials and provide feedback. They may offer valuable insights to enhance your application.
  13. Apply Widely: Don’t limit yourself to a few scholarships. Apply for as many scholarships as you qualify for and meet the criteria. More applications increase your chances of success.
  14. Follow Up: After submitting your application, confirm receipt with the scholarship provider. If there’s an interview or additional documentation required, promptly provide what is requested.
  15. Stay Persistent: Scholarship applications can be competitive, and rejection is possible. Don’t get discouraged; keep applying to other opportunities and refining your application skills.

Remember that scholarship applications require time, effort, and attention to detail. By carefully preparing and tailoring each application, you can maximize your chances of securing financial assistance for your education.

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How to Apply?

Application process involves submitting documents

  • like the application form,
  • CV,
  • academic transcripts,
  • motivation letter,
  • proof of English proficiency,
  • recommendation letters,
  • work experience evidence.

Application Deadline:

The application deadline for ITH Austrian scholarship for master degree is March 31, 2024,