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Indonesian Government Announces Scholarships the Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB)


The KNB Fully Funded Scholarships for international students in 2024, offered by the Indonesian Government through the Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) Scholarship, present a valuable opportunity for students from developing countries to pursue Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degrees in Indonesia. Established in 1992, this scholarship program has extended its reach globally, beyond Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) member states, and provides comprehensive financial support. The application period commences on 22nd January 2024, offering a total of 222 scholarships across different academic levels.

Why I Choose KNB Fully Funded Scholarship?

  • Accessible Education: The KNB Fully Funded Scholarship allows you to pursue your education in Indonesia, regardless of your home country.
  • Established Program: This scholarship program has a long history, starting in 1992 and initiated by the Indonesian Government.
  • Inclusive Opportunity: Initially designed for specific nations, the program has expanded to include students from various countries, making it more inclusive.
  • Financial Support: The scholarship provides substantial financial assistance, covering tuition fees, living expenses, and even allowances for books and research.
  • Top-notch Universities: You have the chance to study at 31 well-regarded universities in Indonesia.
  • Cultural Exposure: Beyond academics, the program offers a unique cultural experience.
  • International Friendships: Due to its global reach, you’ll have the opportunity to build friendships with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Financial Ease: The comprehensive financial support ensures that financial concerns won’t hinder your academic pursuits.
  • Global Understanding: By participating in this scholarship, you contribute to fostering better international understanding and connections.

Degree Level:

The KNB Fully Funded Scholarships cater to three distinct degree levels:

Bachelor’s Degree (BS):

    1. Age Limit: Below 25 years.
    2. Educational Background: High school degree required; those with a Bachelor’s degree are not eligible.
    3. English Proficiency: TOEFL ITP: 477, TOEFL IBT: 53, IELTS: 5.5, or TOEIC: 510.
    4. Recommendation Letters: Needed from the Indonesian Embassy, previous schools, and employer/supervisor if applicable.
    5. Citizenship Proof: Valid passport.

Master’s Degree (MS):

    1. Age Limit: Below 35 years.
    2. Educational Background: Bachelor’s degree required; those with a Master’s degree are not eligible.
    3. English Proficiency: TOEFL ITP: 500, TOEFL IBT: 61, IELTS: 6.0, or TOEIC: 575.
    4. Recommendation Letters: Required from the Indonesian Embassy, previous schools, and employer/supervisor if applicable.
    5. Citizenship Proof: Valid passport.

Doctoral Degree (PhD):

    1. Age Limit: Below 40 years.
    2. Educational Background: Master’s degree required; those with a Doctorate degree are not eligible.
    3. English Proficiency: TOEFL ITP: 530, TOEFL IBT: 71, IELTS: 6.0, or TOEIC: 640.
    4. Recommendation Letters: Necessary from the Indonesian Embassy, previous schools, employer/supervisor, and potential research supervisor.
    5. Statement of Purpose: Required for Doctoral applicants, detailing study and research plans in Indonesia.
    6. Citizenship Proof: Valid passport.

Scholarship Benefits:

  1. Settlement Allowance: Recipients receive financial support upon their arrival in Indonesia, helping them settle in.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage: The scholarship covers various aspects, including tuition fees, living expenses, research allowances, and book allowances, reducing financial burdens on students.
  3. Health Insurance: Scholars are provided with health insurance coverage, ensuring their well-being and healthcare needs are taken care of during their study period.
  4. Travel Incentives: The scholarship includes round-trip airfare and local transport to the university, making the journey more accessible for international students.

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Application Process for The KNB Scholarship:

Documentation: Prepare the required scholarship application documents, including academic certificates, English proficiency test scores, and recommendation letters.

Online Application:

Selection Process:

    1. Participate in the assessment and selection process as outlined by the scholarship program.
    2. The selection process may involve reviewing academic credentials, language proficiency, recommendation letters, and other relevant qualifications.

Await Results:

    1. After completing the application and selection process, applicants are required to wait for the results.
    2. The results may be communicated through the official channels specified by the KNB Scholarship program.

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Application Deadline:

Be mindful of the application deadline, which, for the KNB Scholarship in 2024, is mentioned as 23rd February 2024.