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The UNHCR is looking for 17 New Interns in 2024 (Paid Allowances)

Attention students and recent graduates! UNHCR is offering 17 new internship positions for 2024. Gain practical experience at various locations, including Geneva and field country offices. Internships last 2-6 months, extendable to 8 months with manager approval, with possible telework. Financial support provided. Visit the link for details.

Background About UNHCR:

Global Humanitarian Role:

  • Dedicated to assisting and protecting displaced individuals globally.
  • Primary focus on those forced to flee due to conflict, persecution, or violence.


  • Safeguarding the rights and well-being of refugees.
  • Collaboration with governments, international partners, and communities.

Durable Solutions:

  • Focus beyond immediate humanitarian aid.
  • Aims to create conditions for refugees to rebuild their lives with dignity.

Operational Presence:

  • Headquarters in Geneva.
  • Global Service Centres in Amman, Budapest, and Copenhagen.
  • Field country offices address specific needs of displaced populations.

Background About the Internships:

  1. Opportunity Overview: UNHCR is offering internships for students and recent graduates in 2024.
  2. Practical Work Experience: Interns gain practical experience in the humanitarian sector.
  3. Locations: Internships available at various locations, including UNHCR headquarters in Geneva, Global Service Centres in Amman, Budapest, Copenhagen, and field country offices.
  4. Placement Duration:
    • Internships can begin at any time during the year.
    • Typically last two to six months, with the possibility of extension up to eight months.
  5. Financial Support:
    • Provides allowances for food, local transportation, and living expenses.
    • Reimbursement for travel costs for interns without external financial support.
  6. Medical Insurance: Interns are responsible for arranging valid medical insurance before the start of the internship.
  7. Qualifications: Open to recent graduates or current students with at least two years of relevant undergraduate studies.
  8. Eligibility Criteria: Applicants should not have immediate relatives working for UNHCR at the time of application.
  9. Internship Positions: Various roles available, including Program Intern, Protection Intern, ICT and Administration Intern, Communications Intern, and more.
  10. Application Process: Interested candidates can apply through the provided link on the official UNHCR website.

Required Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

  1. Education:
    • Recent graduate or current student in a graduate/undergraduate school program.
    • Studies should be from a university or higher education facility accredited by UNESC.
    • Completion of at least two years of undergraduate studies in a relevant field.
  2. Immediate Relatives: Should not have immediate relatives (father, mother, brother, or sister) working for UNHCR at the time of application.
  3. Internship Duration: Recent graduates are considered candidates who completed their studies within two years of applying for an internship with UNHCR.
  4. Specific Internship Positions: Depending on the role applied for, candidates should possess relevant qualifications and skills in areas such as program management, protection, ICT and administration, communications, and more.
  5. Responsibility:
    • Candidates are responsible for arranging medical insurance covering the contract period.
    • Covering related visa costs, if applicable, is also the intern’s responsibility.
  6. Supporting Documentation: UNHCR can provide support with required documents, but candidates are expected to ensure all necessary paperwork is in order.

List of 17 Internships:

  1. Programme Intern
  2. Protection Intern
  3. Protection Intern
  4. Protection intern
  5. Intern – NGO Section (PCS)
  6. Protection Intern
  7. Goodwill Ambassador Team – Intern
  8. Protection intern
  9. ICT and Administration Intern
  10. Communications Intern
  11. MIRPS Internship
  12. Durable Solutions Internship
  13. Inter-Agency Coordination & Communications Intern
  14. CBP Intern
  15. Durable Solution Unit Intern
  16. CB Protection Intern
  17. Communications Intern

APPLY HERE : The UNHCR is looking for 17 New Interns in 2024 (Paid Allowances)

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