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Countries Offering Skill Shortage Jobs With Work VISA in 2024

In 2024, a major challenge for the global economy is the widespread problem of skill shortages. This occurs when the skills of the current workforce no longer match the changing needs of employers, resulting in numerous job vacancies that hinder economic growth. This guide examines how various countries, such as Japan, Germany, Denmark, Chile, Ireland, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, and North America, are addressing and overcoming this issue through different strategies.

What causes skill shortages?

Skill shortages happen when things change quickly in technology, the world becomes more connected, there are shifts in the population, education and training don’t match what’s needed, people can’t easily move to different jobs, and there are strict rules about who can come into a country to work. This affects the workforce, making it not have the right skills for the jobs that are available, especially in areas like IT, Healthcare, and Robotics.

In this article, we look at which specific jobs are having a hard time finding enough people in each country and how these countries are using special immigration programs to try to fill the gap in their job markets.

1. Japan Skill Shortages

  • Reasons for Shortages: Arising from an aging population and swift technological advancements.
  • Key Sectors Affected: Information Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Construction, Professional Services, Transportation, Eldercare, Education and Training, Robotics, and Automation.
  • Immigration Programs:
    • Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) Program: Targets skilled workers for specific roles with high demand.
    • Highly Skilled Professionals (HSP) Program: Attracts professionals with advanced expertise.
    • J-Skip Visa: Streamlines visa processing for certain skilled categories.
    • Future Creation Individual Visa (J-Find Visa): Offers benefits like quick visa processing, pathways to residency, tax exemptions, and flexible visa status for specific professional categories.


2. Germany Skill Shortages

  • Introduction of ‘Opportunity Card’:
    • Germany has implemented an innovative ‘opportunity card,’ utilizing a points-based system.
    • Aimed at streamlining the immigration process for workers possessing the necessary skills.
  • Broader Strategy to Address Labor Shortages:
    • Part of Germany’s comprehensive approach to tackle shortages across various sectors.
    • Targeted professions include skilled craftspeople, electrical engineers, IT specialists, carers, nurses, and professionals in catering, hospitality, and manufacturing.
  • New Immigration Policies:
    • Geared towards welcoming professionals with recognized job experience and qualifications from their native countries.
    • Special provisions for IT professionals lacking formal education but with relevant job experience, including pathways through the EU Blue Card.
  • Shortened Duration for Permanent Residence: Skilled workers and EU Blue Card holders benefit from a shortened duration to acquire permanent residence.


3. Denmark Skill Shortages

  • Professionals Shortage: Denmark faces a scarcity of professionals in science, engineering, healthcare, teaching, IT, and finance.
  • Lists to Address Shortages:
    • Positive List for Higher Education: Includes professions where there is a recognized need for skilled workers.
    • Skilled Workers List: Encompasses various industries and roles with shortages.
  • Facilitating Third-Country Recruitment:
    • Lowering the pay threshold to make it easier for companies to hire workers from outside the country.
    • Fast-track certification for employers to expedite the recruitment process.
  • Support for International Students:
    • International students in Denmark are granted a three-year job search period after graduation.
    • Allows them to seek employment without requiring a separate residence permit.


4. Chile Skill Shortages

  • Sectors Facing Shortages: Agriculture and Forestry, Mining and Engineering, Renewable Energy, Information Technology, Healthcare, Tourism, and Hospitality are experiencing skill shortages in Chile.
  • Streamlined Work Visa Programs: Chile has revamped its work visa programs to attract foreign talent.
  • Various Visa Options:
    • Subject-to-Contract Visa: A visa option for individuals with a specific job offer.
    • Temporary Resident Visa: Allows individuals to stay temporarily in Chile.
    • Chile Work Visa: Aimed at facilitating employment in the country.
    • Temporary Residence Visa for Job Search (Visa SUJE): Permits job seekers to reside in Chile while searching for employment.
    • Subclass Work Visas: Specifically designed for professionals and skilled technical workers.
    • Temporary Residence Visa with 16 Subcategories: Includes permits for international workers, investors, managers, directors, or specialized personnel.

Source: Provided information.

5. Ireland Skill Shortages

  • Work Visa Options: Ireland provides multiple work visa options to tackle labor shortages.
  • Critical Skills Employment Permit: Aimed at highly skilled workers, facilitating their employment in Ireland.
  • General Employment Permit: Encompasses a broad range of jobs, addressing various sectors.
  • Seeking Migrant Workers: Ireland actively seeks migrant workers to fill vacancies in sectors experiencing substantial shortages.
  • Working Holiday Visa:
    • Offered to citizens of certain countries aged 18 to 35.
    • Provides an opportunity for temporary work and cultural exchange.

Source: Provided information.

6. Portugal Skill Shortages

  • Short-Term Visa for Seasonal Workers:
    • Portugal has implemented a short-term visa for individuals planning to stay for only one season.
    • Allows a maximum stay of nine months and permits work for multiple companies, specifically for seasonal jobs.
  • Longer-Term Work Visas:
    • The availability of longer-term work visas in Portugal is dependent on the profession.
    • These visas typically have validity periods ranging from one to two years.

Source: Provided information.

7. Australia Skill Shortages

  • Work Visas Addressing Shortages:
    • Australia provides work visas, including the Skilled Independent Visa and the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa.
    • These visas enable foreign workers to fill skill gaps in the Australian labor market.
  • Points-Based Immigration System:
    • Australia operates a points-based immigration system.
    • This system creates opportunities for skilled professionals to immigrate based on their qualifications and experience.

Source: Provided information.

8. New Zealand Skill Shortages

  • Skilled Migrant Category Visa: New Zealand offers the Skilled Migrant Category visa, specifically designed for individuals possessing in-demand skills and qualifications.
  • Work Visas for Various Categories: The country provides work visas tailored for different categories, including:
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Investors
    • Individuals with job offers from New Zealand employers

Source: Provided information.

9. United Arab Emirates (UAE) Skill Shortages

  • Work Visa Options in the UAE: The UAE provides a range of work visa options to address skill shortages.
  • Employment Visa: Issued for foreign nationals working for a UAE-based employer.
  • Long-Term Residence Visa: Available for investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals with specialized talents.

Source: Provided information.

10. North America Skill Shortages


  • Express Entry: A program facilitating the immigration of skilled workers into Canada.
  • Provincial Nominee Programs: Individual provinces in Canada nominate individuals to address specific skill shortages.

United States:

  • EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver): Allows individuals with skills beneficial to the national interest to obtain a green card without employer sponsorship.
  • EB-3 Skilled Workers: Provides green cards for skilled workers in occupations facing shortages.
  • H-1B Specialty Occupations: Allows the temporary employment of foreign workers in specialty occupations.

Source: Provided information.

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11. Singapore Skill Shortages

  • Tech.Pass: Singapore introduces Tech.Pass, a program attracting foreign tech professionals with specific expertise.
  • EntrePass: Designed for entrepreneurs looking to start and operate a business in Singapore.
  • Employment Pass: An essential work visa for foreign professionals seeking employment in Singapore.

Source: Provided information.

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