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Fruit Picking and Packing Jobs in Italy with Visa Sponsorship (€28 per hour)

Italy is known for a wide range of products in addition to Gucci, Versace, Armani, and Ferrari, including wine, grapes, olives, chocolate, soybeans, and drum wheat. Numerous family farms provide the tutti-frutti for the EU’s “Fruit Gem.” Approximately 1.1 million farms occupying 12.6 million hectares of arable land are found in Italy.

Since 2022, there has been a severe labor shortage in Italy. This is a result of the country’s aging population, declining birthrate, and high emigration to other EU nations, particularly Germany and England. Italy is allowing foreigners to work in the fields of science, medicine, IT, and agriculture to make up for the labor shortage. We will go into great detail about Jobs for Fruit Picking and Packing Workers in Italy with Visa Sponsorship 2024 that don’t require any prior experience or education.


Italy is renowned for its mouthwatering cuisine, rich culture, and stunning scenery. It also offers a special employment opportunity for those seeking employment in agriculture. Fruit picking and packing is one of the most in-demand vocations, and it’s much more alluring for foreign workers whose visas can be sponsored.

Why Italy for Fruit Picking Jobs?

Italy is a wonderful spot to collect fruit because of the variety of terrain available for farming. The nation is highly interesting because of the fruits that are grown across it, such as the citrus orchards of Sicily and the sun-kissed vineyards of Tuscany. In addition to providing employees with a wide range of experiences, this diversity ensures that there is a steady need for labor throughout the entire year.

Visa Sponsorship: A Game-Changer

An essential component of enabling people from all around the world to apply for these jobs is visa funding. It serves as a bridge between experienced laborers and Italian companies in need of temporary employees. Both parties benefit from this arrangement, which expands Italy’s agricultural industry and fosters cross-cultural understanding.

Requirements of Fruit Picking and Packing Jobs in Italy

  • You must obtain a work permit or work visa if you are not a citizen of the European Union.
  • Also, it’s beneficial to speak Italian with coworkers and locals, but you must be able to communicate in basic English.
  • Moreover, each form of agricultural labor requires a different set of knowledge and abilities, although experience in farming, viticulture, or animal care might be beneficial.
  • Besides that, you might require specialized training or licensing for certain jobs, such as those that require the use of chemicals or machines.
  • Aside from that, evidence of a location remains.
  • Lastly, evidence of money.

Are Fruit Farm Jobs in Italy Permanent?

Depending on the farm, positions could become available at different times of the year. During peak seasons, some farms hire individuals year-round, while others only offer temporary or seasonal jobs. Either a Type D Italian Worker Visa, which permits you to work on several farms for five years in Italy, or a Seasonal Worker Visa, which allows you to stay and work in Italy for nine months, are required.


Italy Seasonal Worker Visa Requirements

If you wish to work in Italy during the summer, you must obtain authorization to work and a specific work visa before traveling there. There is an annual quota system in place in Italy.

  • Permission to Work: The person employing you must apply for permission to work at the Prefettura One-Stop-Shop for Immigration.
  • Permit to Reside: You have eight days from the date of your arrival in Italy to apply for a permit at the local “Prefettura” or “One-Stop-Shop for Immigration.”
  • Evidence of Funds: Generally speaking, obtaining a visa to visit Italy (but not a Uniform Schengen Visa) costs €116. A residential pass costs €40 for visits lasting three to twelve months, €50 for stays lasting twelve to twenty-four months, and €100 for extended stays, highly qualified employees, and personnel relocating within the same organization.

What is the Average Pay for Unexperienced Fruit Pickers and Packers in Italy?

Fruit pickers in Italy make €15,773 a month, or almost €28 per hour. On the other hand, if you are skilled, you can earn more money. This also depends on how long your shift is and if you have a full-time or part-time job.

What Does a Fruit Picker Job in Italy Work Like?

The majority of Italian fruit picking occurs on farms run by families. The European Languages Speaking group is welcomed by the gracious hosts, who can teach guests Italian in addition to Spanish, German, and French. Foreign nationals, such as Asians and Africans, receive comprehensive language instruction to master all of these languages.

Most of the rooms are free, and so is the internet. Either they buy the food for you or it is free. They will occasionally even provide you with staples like milk, eggs, and vegetables. From March through October, everybody visiting Italy will receive instruction on young trees. You can learn how to remove fruit, train trees, water them, examine their nutrition, and prune them manually or with a machine from May to July.

From mid-July to mid-December, you will assist with mechanical and post-harvest trimming, tree training, watering, and hail net opening. And lastly, organizing daily tasks and monitoring tree health.

Available Farm Jobs

With a sponsored visa, you can find more fruit-picking and packing jobs in Italy.

1. EURES Italy Jobs

This website, which is maintained by the European Commission, lists every type of employment available in the EU. To access the homepage, click this link below

Apply Here

2. Fram Jobs.It

The best of the farmers want you. You can send your resume or curriculum vitae straight from our website. To find out what they need, they have direct conversations with Italian farmers.

Apply Here

3. Job in the country – Coldiretti

This portal can also be used by anyone looking for agricultural jobs in Italy. To make the most of the website, you must register on the “Registrazione Lavoratore” page. Additionally, you can share your resume online so other farms in need of laborers can view it and contact you if they’re interested in the work experience you can provide.

4. Agrijob – Confagricoltura

Agrijob, which was established by Confagricoltura, is an additional job-search portal for the agricultural industry.

5. CIA – Agricoltori italiani

Additionally, you can register on the CIA-Agricoltori Italiani website by providing your contact data and a brief description of your agricultural job experience. Should a position become available, they will contact you.

Apply Here

Orange Picking and Packing Jobs in Italy

The job country is Italy. One industry is agriculture. Farm Hands are the type of job. acquiring expertise. Not Required Indeed. Not much prior knowledge is required. No age restriction.

Visa sponsorship: Yes. Payment: €2,835.00.

Make use of the language. Assist with environmental project development. cultivating plants. DIY tasks and construction projects. Observe animals with kindness. assist in a farm. preparing meals for the household. Please lend a hand with household chores. maintenance as a whole. We will provide you with a private room in our home with a shared bathroom and a heater. You can harvest oranges and mandarins directly from the trees. You’ll be able to prepare basic meals.

Apply Here

Apple Picking and Packing Jobs

Italy’s northern Umbria. long-term full-time and part-time employment.
The job includes general farm and machinery repair, operating large, contemporary GPS-guided machinery (John Deere), collaborating with a seasonal staff during planting and harvest, and working alone all year round. I worked my way up to the position of manager over time. It’s a company that simply cultivates crops. Experience is not required. You have to speak at least basic English.

Apply Here

In conclusion, for those who require a visa, picking and packing fruit in Italy offers a distinctive and fulfilling employment opportunity for those seeking to work abroad. This opportunity enables people to widen their views and contribute to Italy’s strong agricultural economy, whether it be by learning about different cultures or improving their professional skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Average Pay for Unexperienced Fruit Pickers and Packers in Italy?

Fruit pickers in Italy make €15,773 a month, or almost €28 per hour. On the other hand, if you are skilled, you can earn more money. This also depends on how long your shift is and if you have a full-time or part-time job.


What typical difficulties do international employees in Italy encounter?

Cultural and linguistic differences might be difficult to overcome, but with perseverance and community support, they can be overcome.

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