Tongji University Marine and CSC Scholarships 2024

Tongji University Scholarship
Tongji University Scholarship

Tongji University is extending opportunities for international students through the Marine Scholarship of China 2024 and CSC Scholarships. Aimed at individuals from coastal and developing countries, these scholarships provide a chance to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees in marine sciences. The benefits encompass tuition waivers, accommodation, living allowances, and medical insurance. With eligibility criteria focusing on non-Chinese citizenship and educational background, applicants can explore subjects like marine science, geophysics, and engineering. The application process involves submissions to both the CSC website and Tongji University’s portal, with results expected in May 2024. Classes for successful applicants commence in September 2024, spanning 2-4 years.

Why I Choose Tongji University Marine and CSC Scholarships?

  • Specialized Focus: These scholarships offer a unique chance to specialize in marine sciences, geophysics, and engineering, providing a focused and in-depth academic experience.
  • International Recognition: Tongji University is a reputable institution globally, and being a recipient of the Marine Scholarship or CSC Scholarships adds international recognition to your academic achievements.
  • Comprehensive Benefits: The scholarships provide comprehensive benefits, including tuition waivers, accommodation support, monthly living allowances, and medical insurance, significantly reducing the financial burden of pursuing higher education.
  • Diverse Subjects: The range of subjects covered under these scholarships allows for exploration in various disciplines related to marine and environmental studies, offering versatility in academic pursuits.
  • Global Perspective: Studying at Tongji University provides a global perspective, fostering cultural exchange and collaboration with students from different parts of the world.
  • Career Opportunities: A degree from Tongji University, supported by these scholarships, enhances career prospects, especially in fields related to marine science, engineering, and geophysics.
  • Contributing to Sustainable Development: By specializing in marine sciences, scholars have the opportunity to contribute to environmental sustainability and address challenges related to oceans and marine ecosystems.

Degree Level:

Scholarships offered for both master’s and doctoral degrees.

Fields of Study: 

The Tongji University scholarships cover a diverse range of fields of study, including:

  • Marine Sciences: Specialized programs focusing on various aspects of marine biology, oceanography, and environmental sciences.
  • Geophysics: Exploration of the Earth’s physical properties, including studies related to earthquakes, magnetic fields, and seismic activities.
  • Engineering: Programs encompassing various engineering disciplines, providing opportunities for advanced studies and research.
  • Related Disciplines: Additional disciplines associated with marine and environmental studies, ensuring a broad spectrum of academic choices.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Tuition Waiver: Covers all tuition fees.
  • Accommodation Support: Offers free on-campus housing or an off-campus subsidy.
  • Living Allowance: Monthly stipends provided – RMB 3,000 for master’s, RMB 3,500 for doctoral students.
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance: Full coverage for medical expenses.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Nationality: Open to non-Chinese citizens from coastal/island countries of the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific, and surrounding island nations, or African developing countries. CSC scholarship open to all international students.
  • Educational Background:
    • Master’s Degree: Bachelor’s degree in related fields, with an age limit of 40 years.
    • Doctoral Degree: Master’s degree in related fields, with an age limit of 45 years.

Application Process:

  1. CSC Application: Complete an online application on the CSC Website (Program Category: Type B; Agency No. of TONGJI: 10247).
  2. Tongji University Application: Submit another application through Tongji University’s Portal and send required documents electronically.
  3. Required Documents: Submit necessary documents as specified in the application guidelines.
  4. Selection Process: A panel reviews applicants based on educational background, academic capability, and related experiences.
  5. Two Applications: Whether applying for the Marine scholarship or CSC high-level postgrad scholarship, applicants need to submit both the CSC and Tongji University applications.
  6. Approval and Results: Final approval is from China’s Ministry of Natural Resources and the CSC, with results expected around May 2024.

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The last date to submit an online admission application for Tongji University Marine or CSC scholarship 2024-2025 is January 20, 2024.

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